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Legacy Friesians' Gooitzen and Pedro
on a fine October day in Oregon

Delilah LF playing
with a clod of dirt

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Legacy Friesians recent news...

January 9, 2014   Here is a video I made by wearing a helmet on my camera while riding Bon Ami to the local swimming hole and letting him swim to his heart's content!


December 26, 2013   I have now officially retired from selling / listing horses.  Having too much fun with Bon Ami to keep up it.  I will continue to update this website from time to time with our new adventures in South Africa!
Click on the photo below to see photos from our Christmas morning swim with the Friesians!

October 19, 2013   Bon Ami and I competed in our first dressage show in Noordhoek, South Africa!!!  Bongo (our Africanis dog) and Bon Ami are in stride in this photo :)

September 15, 2013   This Bronze sculpture of a rearing Friesian stallion was actually modeled from one of our past horses, Ynske!   The artist, Dan Massopust took over 300 measurements of Ynske to get the proportions and muscularity correct.  He also used photos from another one of our past horses, Oene R.V., to get the details right, after Ynske had been sold.
Here is the finished product!  It is to one quarter scale, 34 inches from the tip of the ear to the end of his tail.
The sculpture is bronze. 
Offered for $7,500. 
Crating and shipping extra.  Please email me and I will give you more details such as a shipping quote.  Ynske's sculpture would look so great next to an entry gate or next to your barn!   

August 8, 2013   I have purchased a Friesian in South Africa, named Bon Ami, and have been riding on Noordhoek beach almost daily with him.  Click on the photo below to see photos of Bon Ami and the group of Friesian owners that I am riding with in beautiful Noordhoek!   Bon Ami's breeding is Onne 376 (the sire of Harmina LF) x Fetse 349 (the sire of Hindrik Lauwers).  I had to sell both Harmina and Hindrik before I left for South Africa, so buying Bon Ami is like getting a piece of them back! 

 June 4, 2013   Have you ever considered moving to South AfricaTake advantage of the market and consider buying this luxury ocean front estate with stables attached to the house!  Imagine yourself riding on the beach with your horses!  Buy it as a vacation home and rent it out as a vacation home when you are not using it yourself!

Presenting the Villa Oceanee, in Gansbaai, South Africa...  Ocean Front Property with Stables....
It has been valuated at 27 million rand.  At present rates this would be 2.75 million US dollars, or 2,100,000 Euros.
However, the price is negotiable.  Click here to download the pdf brochure or the thumbnail below to go right to the pictures of the property.
If you are interested in finding out more, please email me

May 27, 2013   I just met a lot of new Friesian friends in Noordhoek, where I intend to board my Friesian after he's weaned.  Noordhoek is a lovely equestrian community nearby where I now live in Kommetjie, South Africa, and I'll be able to ride my Friesian on the beach from there!!!    I met this amazing young trainer named Alyssa who trick trains at liberty.

This is Alyssa training Figment, a half Friesian, half Appy to rear at liberty. 
Click here to see more photos of Alyssa training at liberty!

May 3, 2013   I had a wonderful time visiting Pela Graca Friesian Stud in Douglas, South Africa (near Kimberly).  Thanks so much to Celeste Steyn for showing me around her beautiful farm and even letting me ride Amerens RS and meet Dries 421.  I am hoping to buy a colt out of their their Kroon mare Amerens RS and their stallion Dries 421, due around Christmas time!

This is me riding Amerens RS, Kroon mare in foal to Dries 421

This is me with Dries 421, the sire of my future colt, and my favorite Friesian Stallion of all time

For more photos of this fantastic visit to Pela Graca , click here

April 16, 2013   I HAVE BIG NEWS!  I have moved to Cape Town South Africa on April 16, 2013

I will keep running my Legacy Friesians horse sales site from there though, so keep sending in your ads!  I have listed our Legacy Friesian farm for sale in Newberg, OR.  It's a beautiful turnkey small horse farm, with a lovely 4 bedroom, 3 bath home with granite kitchen on 9.5 acres.  One bedroom has it's own bathroom and separate entrance.  The master bedroom has a walk out deck that could be used as a separate entrance, and again an attached bathroom.  It has about 5 acres of pasture with big trees for shade and is fenced and cross fenced.  The barn could be set up to have as many as 5 stalls.  There is a 65x116 ft outdoor arena with all weather footing and stadium lights for night time riding.  Click here to see photos and click here to see the MLS listing and all details.  

February 10, 2013  I will be in South Africa from mid-February to mid-MarchYou can still inquire on our sales horses through email, but  please do not call, as I will not be checking my voice messages during this time.  In case I don't get right back to you, you may try emailing me at

September 10, 2012  WE DID IT!  Hindrik and I were Champions of the USDF Freestyle class at the Oregon Dressage Society's State Championship show!  Melissa Creswick, the judge at C gave us a 70.7% and Sandra Hotz, the judge at B gave us a 68.2%!!!

Click the thumbnail for more photos and videos

September 5, 2012  Harmina LF is now under saddle and doing great!  I started her under saddle myself and she never did a thing wrong.  I am so proud of her!
Here is a video of her progress as of Sept 10th!  I LOVE her floaty trot. 

August 7, 2012
  What an exciting weekend at Lake Oswego Hunt Club at their USDF Dressage show!!!  The most amazing day of my life was at the show on August 5, 2012 when Hindrik and I scored a 78.833% in our 2nd level musical freestyle and won the class!!! 


My gelding Hindrik is on a roll now!   Announcing Hindrik Lauwers Sport!  It's official!!  Here is a portion of his new Registration paper!!!



July 22, 2012  WOW what a show we had at Dressage At Devonwood!  First of all Hindrik Lauwers earned his SPORT predicate at this show! We now have 6 scores at 3rd level that qualify him!  We even got a 66% at Third Level test 3 which incorporates Canter Half Pass!  Hindrik and I also were the Reserve Champions of the large USDF Musical Freestyle class, with a freestyle that I designed for him!  Additionally he won the High Point Friesian of the show. Tessa Welmoed is also now officially doing second level, even though her baby Murcielago was only weaned on July 4th, 2012.  I couldn't be more proud of these 2 great Friesian horses, they are so smart and willing to work for me.

Here is our Musical Freestyle ride:


Here is the Award Ceremony for the Musical Freestyle:


Here are some segments of our ride with Lilo Fore (an International S judge):

June 13, 2012  It's time to sign up for the 2012 FHANA Oregon keuring, which will be Sept 24, 2012 at the Lake Oswego Hunt Club.  Click here to find out more.

June 8, 2012  We now have a dedicated page for Used Fryso Saddles for sale!  Also includes other saddles that work well with Friesians!   Click on the icon below, or at the top!  List your used saddle with us!


May 23, 2012
Hindrik and I had our first recognized show of the season, and we got our qualifying scores at 3rd level!  In doing so, I also earned my USDF Bronze Medal!

Hindrik also won both of his USDF Muscial Freestyle classes in the show.

Click on the photo below for more:


April 8, 2012
Hindrik and I just did a 2nd Level Musical freestyle!  The technical score was a 70.3 %, overall score 69.5%!  This was the first time I had ever attempted a musical freestyle.  I was so excited that it worked out well, because I did the choreography myself and that got a 7.0 with a 7.5 for the degree of difficulty.



March 15, 2012
Announcing the birth of  Murciélago L.F., born March 15 at 11:30 pm.  The name   Murciélago is derived from  a famous bull and is also the name of one of the Lamborghini models. 

image not
                        loaded yet

Murciélago was a Navarra fighting bull known for having survived 24 sword strokes in an October 5, 1879 fight against Rafael "El Lagartijo" Molina Sanchez, at the Coso de los califas bullring in Córdoba, Spain.

He is certainly as strong as a bull already!  He is truly special with 2 white socks!  He is  100 percent Friesian with top bloodlines (Doaitsen 420 x Olrik 383 x Jasper 366, full papered, stam 15) , so the chance of this happening is like one in a million.  He was also born light silver, which all the experts are telling me will turn to pitch black.  He is already sold, he was sold in utero, to the disappointment of his facebook fans! Congrats to Lynn of Queen's Creek Arizona!!!

Click here to see photos

Video at 36 hours old! :

Video of his actual birth (he helped his mom out a lot):

February 20, 2012

If you haven't seen my video dedicated to Jane Savoie, people have told me it's worth watching (below). Invest in yourself, her course will teach you about dressage with simple and easy to understand methods.

February 16, 2012
We are always looking for good quality Friesians to sell on our site.  You can list your Friesian for sale on our site at no cost. Send as many photos and videos as you'd like.  If we make the connection with a buyer for your horse, we charge 5% of the sale price after you get paid.  Our site seems to generate really good homes, which is our top priority when we sell one of our own Friesians.  If you'd like to list your Friesian on our site, please email the photos and information to

February 9, 2012

We will be having a Friesian Inspection  (otherwise known as a keuring) in Oregon this year!
It will be at the Lake Oswego Hunt Club on Monday September 24, 2012.
It will be outside, rain or shine, just like any dressage show.  One reason this location was chosen is so that it could be held outside in the flat grassy fields that they have there, so that the location could be as similar to the Netherlands as possible.  I think our horses will perform to the maximum of their potential in this kind of environment.  I know my Friesians go to a lot of Dressage shows and they are very happy when they go to shows at the Lake Oswego Hunt Club.
If you would like to volunteer to help, please contact me at
We really need volunteers, please spend a day  with the Magnificent Friesians of the area!


December 19, 2011

Here is my video dedicated to how Jane Savoie has helped me improve and become independent enough to train my own horses....

December 12, 2011
The next time Ton Does from the Netherlands is coming to this area is March 2012.
If you would like to put your horse in training with him or take lessons with him then,
please contact either:
 Julie Toth (Ghost Oak Farms, Kramien Rd, Newberg OR) for a morning time slot,
Wendy Feller (Dudley Rd, Newberg, OR) for an afternoon time slot.


 December 6, 2011

Lots of people are wondering about Fridse 423's auction results.
He sold for $315,000 and is now owned by Louis and Julia Dorfman / Jim Bedeker.
Fridse 423 will be standing at The Freisian Connection next year along with
Tonjes 459, Mintse 384, and Doaitsen 420!

November 22, 2011

Even though I, a COMPLETE AMATEUR am the trainer and the rider, Hindrik and I were top in the nation for FHANA All Breeds 2nd Level (Adult Amateur Division)! And top for IFSHA at 2nd Level in their Horse of the year.  My 5 year old mare Tessa Welmoed also finished as Reserve Champion at FHANA all breeds in AA training level with a median score of over 68%!  And in IFSHA Horse of the year, she was also reserve Champion of Training level AND First Level, as a 5 year old AND I have been her only "trainer"!  Click here to see a photo album documenting most of  my 2011 results with Hindrik and Tessa. 
I never competed in a real dressage competition EVER, until 2009!  Then when I ran out of money, I took Hindrik home at the end of 2009 and began to train him myself. 
 Don't think you can't do this yourself....    I couldn't even ride Hindrik in January 2009!  I couldn't canter him on one 20 meter circle.  Sitting the trot was an impossible dream.  Now I have him at home and am training him MYSELF with a little DVD help from Jane Savoie!  Jane's Happy horse course saves me from spending $1,400 a month on board + training for each horse I own!  I am now able to train my own horses and I am successful at it!  Hindrik and I placed 3rd in region 6 championships this year!  Every year we get more successful, even though I have never ridden dressage before, and am starting each year at a new level that I have never ridden ever before!  Right now I am teaching Hindrik flying changes in preparation for 3rd level, and I have never even done them myself before. And he's learning them really quickly! 
Keep in mind, Jane has chosen the Friesian breed, and she has taken her Friesian all the way to Grand Prix.  So everything in her course pertains to Friesians, she is a Friesian expert! 

Click here or on  the photo above  to learn more about Jane's Happy Horse course. 
When you click on the link, you can enter in your name and email address, and then you will be eligible to watch free videos that give you a feeling for what the course is like.  On December 1, Jane will be accepting orders for the Happy Horse DVD course, and will even offer a payment plan where you can pay over 4 months!  This payment plan offer will be emailed on December 1 to all those who registered for the free videos by clicking on the  picture below! 

Another awesome course that Jane offers is called Freedom from Fear.  Have you had a traumatic experience with a horse that prevents you from enjoying riding 100%, because of fear???  If you click the link below, you can sign up with your email and immediately watch some helpful free videos.  If you like the videos, the DVD set is less than $200!  Simply go to the link to find out more!


Are you curious about the bloodlines of "Moshi", Jane Savoie's Grand Prix Friesian?
 His real name is Menno fan 't Mar and he is out of Stam 27, a line known for their desire to work ("Werklust"). Moshi's sire is Jurjen 303, same as my Hindrik's damsire!!! Moshi's damsire is Falke 291. I have an article on Stam 27 on my website if  you click here.   Stam 27 is the line from which Rypke 321 and Jasper 366 come from.

Jane Savoie with Hindrik and I

November 18, 2011  Friesian Appaloosa Cross Filly, available for import from Holland!

This Filly has the conformation of a Friesian like her dam, but with leopard spots like her sire!  Her sire is huge- 17 hands, a black and white leopard appy stallion, national champion of Holland with one approved son!

November 7, 2011 
Ton Does is visiting this week from the Netherlands to help us with the training of our Friesians.  He is also training at Ghost Oak Farm (Julie Toth's place) and Wendy Feller's barn in Newberg
Click on the photo below to see more!

Ton Does riding Hindrik Lauwers at Legacy Friesians

October 21, 2011 
USDF just released the final standings for the awards for 2011!
Hindrik and I ended up 34th in the USA for 2nd Level AA
Tessa Welmoed and I ended up 32nd in the USA for training level AA
Hindrik and I were Dover National Merit Winners (for winning 3 or more Dover Medal classes)
Hindrik was Champion of 2nd Level Adult Amateur for Friesian Horse Association of North America All Breeds
Hindrik was Champion for 2nd Level IFSHA Open Dressage Rankings

Tessa Welmoed was Reserve Champion of Training Level AA for Friesian Horse Association of North America All Breeds
Tessa Welmoed was Reserve Champion for Training Level IFSHA Open Dressage Rankings
Tessa Welmoed was also Reserve Champion for First Level IFSHA Open Dressage Ran
Click here to see a photo album documenting most of  my 2011 results with Hindrik and Tessa.

October 11, 2011  Other new products that I use and recommend:

 Pegasus Airboots,  For years, I have been reluctant to ride my horses with protective splint boots UNTIL I found these.  These are so easy to put on and supportive!  With Friesians, if sand gets in the splint boot, it can lead to a raw spot, and before you know it you have a white spot on their legs (the hair from the raw spot re-grows in white).  I am now addicted to using them on all my horses. Right now they only have one size to order (one size usually fits all). These fitthe front legs fine, but is not big enough for the back legs.  So I am only using them on the front legs, and the back either go without or I use polo wraps. 

 Flex half pad.  I used to use a foam riser pad with Hindrik but it was cheap and cumbersome.  I only have one saddle and I use it on all 3 of my Friesians, Hindrik, Maaike, and Tessa.  I feel the flex half pay fills in the gaps so the saddle fits all 3 of them despite their different builds. 

September 26, 2011  Hindrik and I went to Nampa Idaho this past weekend to compete in the Region 6 USDF championships in 2nd level.  We ended up 3rd in the Northwest Championships and 3rd in the USDF Region 6 Championships for 2nd level Adult Amateur.

The video below shows Hindrik and I on Saturday in 2nd Level Test of Choice where he received all 8s on his Medium Gaits

September 12, 2011  Hindrik, Tessa and I had a very hot and tiring weekend at the ODS Championship Show, but it was SO worth it!  Thanks to all the volunteers and show management and to trainer Ton Does!  It was almost 100 degrees for all 3 days of the show, and by the late afternoons the horses and I were exhausted. 
On Friday, Hindrik and I won our  5th Dover Medal by placing 1st among adult amateurs in 2nd level test 3 with a 62.9 %.  Tessa got 2 good scores in first level, which assures that she will place first in the All Breeds Awards for FHANA Friesians in the whole nation for First Level/Adult Amateur.  Hindrik is also ranked first in the nation for Second Level/Adult amateur in the FHANA All Breeds awards. 
Then for the Oregon State Championship Show, Hindrik and I narrowly missed Champion Status by only 0.002%, and received the Reserve Champion Award.   Though I was quite happy that he scored a 73.810% on Sunday, by far our highest score ever!!!  I feel really ready for region 6 championships (Sept 23-25)  with that score under our belt! 
Thanks to Ton Does  from Holland, for the wonderful riding lessons he gave me to prepare for the show, it made all the difference in the world!!!  Without him the 73.8% would not have been possible!

Tessa ended up 4th in the State Championships for training level, out of a huge field of 14! She got a 67.8% the first day and a 69.2% the second day, despite being 5 months pregnant and the heat!!!!  She tried so hard for me and I am so proud of her.  Both she and Hindrik had to compete all 4 classes in the scariest arena, the Sylvan and they didn't spook even one time.
Click on the photo below to see more photos from the show.

ODS Championship Show

August 7, 2011  I took Hindrik and Tessa to Lake Oswego Dressage this past weekend and Hindrik and I won our 4th Dover Medal with a 65.476%, with a very hard judge that didn't particularly like Friesians!  This brings our Dover National Merit Award average up to about a 64.5% (they average the best 3 scores).  We have one more shot at a Dover Medal class on Sept 9 at the ODS Open show.  Tessa Welmoed scored a 66.429% in a training level test and a 65.862% in a First Level test and even though these scores were not as good as the 70.8% she got from Axel Steiner at Dressage at Devonwood, I felt I was able to keep her more connected during this show than ever before.   Hindrik also got his first 7s on the turns on the haunches and renvers, movements we have been struggling with.

 Tessa Welmoed has been very successful in both Training and First levels
as a pregnant 5 year old this year!!!

Here is the Dover Class, 2nd Level Test 3 with Hindrik Lauwers


 Here is my 5 year old mare, Tessa Welmoed doing training level test 2:

August 1, 2011 

July 24, 2011  What a great show I just had at Dressage at Devonwood with my gelding Hindrik Lauwers, and my mare Tessa Welmoed
Hindrik won all 3 out of 3 of his classes at 2nd level, including the Dover Medal class!  This was our third Dover Medal this year, so we are now Dover National Merit Award winners.
And TESSA, got a 70.8% from judge Axel Steiner and won a huge training level test 3 class.  She is now qualified for regionals as well, but since will be 6 months pregnant then, I don't think I will be bringing her to Idaho.  I did enter her in the State Championships though, and am hoping her size won't get too much in the way in her classes there.
Click on Hindrik's photo below to see more photos and videos from the show

July 12, 2011  We honor Gradus 356, who passed away today.  Gradus is the sire of our beloved yearling gelding Gallagher.

June 25, 2011 I just took Hindrik and Tessa to the Letter Perfect dressage show in Ridgefield, WA. Both Hindrik and Tessa Welmoed did great! Hindrik won every class he was in and got 2nd level High Point Champion and 2nd Level High Point Reserve Champion, and the Dover Medal and Tessa Welmoed won a First level class and placed 2nd in another, and then won her training level test 3 class today with a 70.8% the highest score I have ever gotten!

Hindrik after the Letter Perfect Dressage Show

Tessa Welmoed, after the Letter Perfect Dressage Show
She is in foal to Doaitsen 420 for 2012!

 May 13, 2011 Top trainer from the Netherlands, Ton Does is coming to Newberg , OR again from June 13, 2011 through June 22!!!  Ton plans to visit the US  every other month  to work with Friesian horses here (or other breeds of dressage horses). 

If you have a Friesian to sell, it would be the ideal thing to bring the
horse to train with Ton, and then I could  get really good photos and
videos of Ton riding toward the end of his stay, and list the horse for
sale on my website, for you.

Or if you are having a specific problem with your Friesian (or other breed), bring your horse to Ton for a week!  Click on his photo below for more info:


May 9, 2011  I just took Hindrik and Tessa Welmoed to their first recognized show of the year, Heart of The Valley 1 and 2 at Devonwood.  This was my first time showing Hindrik at 2nd level in a recognized show, and Tessa Welmoed's first recognized show ever!  I couldn't have been more proud of them, Hindrik and I won the 2nd Level Test 3 class on Saturday and got the Dover Medal for top Adult Amateur, and we got both our qualifying scores needed for Regionals since this counted as 2 separate shows!  I am not sure if I want to go all the way to Idaho for them, will decide later in the year...  Tessa Welmoed got a 68.929%  in her Training Level Test 2 class on Sunday!  I know we still have a lot of room for improvement.   I am so looking forward to our next event- Pam Goodrich is coming to Newberg, Oregon on May 21 and 22!  Pam is an INTERNATIONAL competitor and coach and is based out of Connecticut.   I am going to take full advantage of her being in town and ride both days with both Hindrik and Tessa  Welmoed.  I would highly recommend auditing this clinic,  you can find out the details about auditing this clinic by contacting Wendy Feller

Below, Sue riding Hindrik in 2nd Level Test 2


Below, Sue riding Tessa Welmoed in Training Level Test 2


May 4, 2011  Kaaleb LF is now getting bigger and going outside!  He is one week old now! Check out the new photos on his page by clicking the link.  Kaaleb LF is already sold to Amy of Texas!

April 28, 2011  Our 1st premie Star mare, Maaike, had her Goffert baby on April 26, at 10:45 pm!!!  He was already sold in-utero to Amy Tappe of Texas, congrats to Amy!  She has named him Kaaleb LF.   Mom and baby are doing fine.  We also just found out that our mare Tessa Welmoed is in foal to Doaitsen 420, due March 4, 2012!

Kaaleb LF, born April 26, 2011

April 13, 2011  I am back from my vacation in South Africa, had an amazing time!

I apologize to those who called while I was away, as I could not check voice mail from there.

News, I am now listing 3 approved stallions on my sale page. 
Other sale horses I am in the process of listing.  Due to Divorce, these must go!:

Cateriena,  19 year old Full Papered Ster mare (Obe 314xBendert 281), for $7,000- click link for photos and more info

Yuvetta,  12 year old pregnant 1st Premie Ster mare (Warn 335 x Bendert 281), 
for $20,000 OBO - click link for more info

Winnelien,  12 year old pregnant  Full Papered 1st Premie Ster mare (Pike 316 x Jurjen 303) for $30,000 OBO - click link for photos and  more info

Trientsje,  13 year old  Full Papered 1st Premie Ster mare (4 times awarded 1st premie) (Fetse 349 x Oege 267), for $40,000 OBO - click link for  more info

Regina,  14 year old possibly pregnant (bred 3/27/2011) 2nd Premie Ster mare (Leffert 306 x Reitse 272), for $18,000 OBO - click link for  more info

Marrit,  15 year old Full Papered 2nd Premie Ster mare (Tsjerk 328 x Oege 267), for $40,000 OBO - click link for  more info

Maaike,  15 year old Full Papered 1st Primie Ster mare (Jakob 302 x Gaije 295), with her 2011 Gerryt 360 colt by her side,  both for $25,000 OBO - click link for  more info

Loes,  15 year old Full Papered 1st Premie Ster mare (Hearke 254 x Lammert 260)
for $20,000 OBO - click link for  more info

March 21, 2011  Hindrik and I had so much fun participating in the 2011 Albany Horse Expo, as demo riders for Jane Savoie.

Jane has been video coaching us for 2 years now through her Dressage Mentor website and this was the first time we met her in person!  Hindrik was nervous in the big arena with the audience and the noise but he did great !


March 7, 2011:   For horse owners that compete in dressage  in the Portland Oregon area, there is a VERY good opportunity coming up!!!  Pam Goodrich is coming to Newberg, Oregon on May 21 and 22!  Pam is an INTERNATIONAL competitor and coach.  Pam and Donnerhit recently won the open Grand Prix at the Wellington Classic in March 2010.  I am going to take full advantage of her being in town and ride both days with both Hindrik and Tessa  Welmoed (4 sessions with Pam!).  I have taken lessons with Pam before and got SO much out of them!  To sign up, email Wendy Feller by clicking this link.  $50 nonrefundable deposit required to hold a spot with Pam Goodrich.

March 4. 2011: A lot of people ask me, what is the breeding of "Moshi", Jane Savoie's Friesian?
 His real name is Menno fan 't Mar and he is out of Stam 27, a line known for their desire to work ("Werklust"). Moshi's sire is Jurjen 303, same as my Hindrik's damsire!!! Moshi's damsire is Falke 291. I have an article on Stam 27 on my website if  you click here.   Stam 27 is the line from which Rypke 321 and Jasper 366 come from. 

March 3. 2011: Congrats to Lucy and Flora Field for buying our lovely Zanneke, 4 year old mare!!!  Flora (age 16) will be showing Zanneke in dressage this year!!!  Zanneke is now a resident of Sonnenberg Stables in Sherwood, Oregon and in part time training with Brooke Voldbaek! 

   March 2. 2011: Hindrik and I have been chosen to ride withJane Savoie at the NW Horse Expo in Albany Oregon on March 20, 2011!!!  Here is the schedule of Jane Savoie's events there.  She will also have a booth.  Jane has been coaching me remotely for 2 years now, and this is the first time Hindrik and I will actually meet her in person!

2011 NW Horse Expo
Jane Savoie Session Schedule

Friday March 18,  4:00 – 5:00pm   Bison (Calpooia) Arena
Suppleness--Unlock your horse's body!
Sue Ann Young – Portland, OR Lena - __yr old, 16h Dutch Mare
Solbritt Hill – Grants Pass, OR Raquel – 7yr old, 15.3h Oldenburg/TB Mare
Biagina Lazeroni – Eugene, OR Frisco – 17yr old, 16.3h Swedish Gelding

Saturday March 19, 2:00 – 3:00pm   Bison (Calpooia) Arena
Lateral Work-- Learn why it's important for your horse to go sideways as well as the aids to ask him to do so.
Cynthia Lamb – Corvallis, OR Winter’s Valentine – 10yr old, 16h Hanoverian Mare
Diane Willard – La Pine, OR  Bodegah’s Pegastar (Son) – 16yr old, 16h Appaloosa Gelding
Jillian Santi – Langley, WA  Starwars TOF – 13yr old, 14.1h Haflinger Gelding

Saturday March 19, 3:30 – 4:30  Lecture Conference Room 
‘Don’t be a victim to your emotions – Two simple tools to change your attitude in a heartbeat.’

Sunday March 20, 9:30 – 10:30   Bison (Calpooia) Arena
Teach Your Horse the ABC's--Training horses is like teaching a foreign language.
Sue Zoltner – Newberg, OR Hindrik Lauwers – 9yr old, 16.1h Friesian Gelding
Mija Paris – Salem, OR  Kamiakin – 5yr old, 16.2h Andalusian Stallion
Kim Barker – Corvallis, OR  Gladheart Linhawk (Little Man) – 12yr old, 13.1h Morgan Gelding

For the complete Albany Horse Fair schedule, and website click here

February 10 2011: Consider donating money to help a ParaEquestrian compete in the Paralympics:   Her website address is: and her email is: She is needing sponsorships to help me get to Del Mar, CA to show my 2 horses that she is trying out for the qualifier so that she can compete for points towards the 2011 European World Championships and the 2012 Paralympics. She is competing on a 7 year old Sape Friesian Stallion and an 18 year old PRE stallion, both are very talented in different ways. 

Laurietta tells me:  "I am still needing money donations which I have 2 places where I can get money donations given to me and put into a 501c(3) so that they are tax-deductible for people giving them. Please go to the website to read about me and to read about me. My friesian stallion is my brand new mount but he is my golden ticket this year, last year at the CPEDI*** in Canada, his very 1st FEI International show, he placed a 5th overall and this was his 2nd show ever. He also got a 64% overall as a score which is very good in an FEI competition. HE has had another year of training and come much further, plus he is so tall standing at 17HH with very long legs. 

Please go to my website and go and see him and the video, which is mainly of Mark the PRE b/c I have had him for so many years." 
-Laurietta Oakleaf

February 7 2011:  I am so proud of our Zanneke, a beautiful Jasper mare who turns 4 tomorrow.   She is now on a 30 day trial at Sonnenberg, a local dressage barn.  Most 4 year olds would be scared and spooky,  but Zanneke has been amazing!
Click here to see a video from February 7, 2011, the day before she turns 4 years old!

February 4 2011: We are now listing another used Fryso Legacy Saddle!  This one is only $1,350!  It is in Wisconsin.  Click the photo below to see more info.  These go fast so act now!  It is a size 18 seat and size 4 tree.  Buyer pays shipping.

January 26 2011: Doaitsen 420 is coming to America!!! He currently stands at 1.7 meters tall and has outstanding breeding values.  He is standing at the Friesian Connection for 2011.  Doaitsen 420 was bred by Klaas and Mares Vanderploeg of Michigan and sent to the Netherlands to be approved.  He has been breeding like crazy over there ever since his approval.  Now he'll be in America and will be available around March 1, 2011.

January 8 2011: For the second year in a row, Dries 421 son Uldrik 457 won the World Championship!!!   Mintse son Tsjalle 454 got Reserve Champion!Click the video below to see footage from the final 3 contenders, in which Uldrik 457 and Tsjalle 454 were ultimately the Champion and reserve Champion!


November 25- Happy Thanksgiving, give thanks for the Friesian(s) in your life!!! I am leaving for Cape town, South Africa tomorrow, and will be back Dec 12.  During this time I will not be checking phone messages but I will still be checking and answering email.

November 13-  .  There are 3 new Approved Stallions: Wimer 461, Wytse 462, and Wylster 463!  All were rated 7.5 for the showdriving and driving dressage test. The three stallions are well-matched in their totals. Arjen son Wytse 462 (formerly Wiebe K.) had the highest score of 83.5 points. Rindert son Wylster 463 (formerly Wylster fan 'e Wigeri) recorded 82.5 points and Hinne son Wimer 461 (formerly Winfried) 81.5. Click here to see test results.

Local News- Hindrik Lauwers and I are now officially competing in 2nd level!  We just did our first schooling show at 2nd level.  Click here for the video (2nd Level Test 1).  As usual, Hindrik was a perfect angel even though we hauled in just for that one test. 

November 4-  The Friesian Open House was a really fun day for everyone !  Ton Does (an expert in training Friesian horses from the Netherlands) was in town, working with various Friesians in the area this week. 
I now have some videos available from the open house:

Zanneke, 3 year old mare, owned by Legacy Friesians:  video
Spirit, 5 year old mare, owned by Sheila Trapold:  video
Tessa Welmoed, 4 year old mare owned by Legacy Friesians:  video
Primero, Andalusian gelding, owned by Wendy Feller:  video coming soon
Hindrik Lauwers, 8 year old gelding, owned by Legacy Friesians:  video
Oene, 6 year old Stallion, owned by Wendy Feller:  video, slow mo video

 Ton plans to visit the US 1-2 times a year to work with Friesian horses here (or other breeds of dressage horses), so it will be an ideal time to see him ride!  We will have sign up sheets if you want to bring your horse for training next time he is in town, in about 6 months.


Oct 30- I had a great time at the "Honking huge Ribbon" Schooling show in McMinnville.  I rode Harmina's dam, Tessa Welmoed in training level test one.  I did run into one slight problem, see if you can find it:  video
I love this mare, she's only 4 and has already had one foal.

Oct 15- Beware of scams!  There are so many Friesian scams right now and the scammers are stealing photos from our site and posting ads all across Europe and the USA.  Common themes are: my sister got in an accident and we are looking for an excellent home for her Friesian, or free Friesian, you just have to pay for the transport of the horse.  There is no such thing as a free Friesian or a Friesian for less than $5,000.  If you think there might be such a good deal, go see the horse, and don't buy sight unseen!  I have called the FBI to report these scammers but there are so many internet scams, they can't do anything.  Below  is a photo they are using a lot- this photo is of me riding my mare Tessa Welmoed.  She is not for sale and if she were, her price would be over $30,000.  So you see how ridiculous it is that the scammers advertise her as a gelding for $1,000.  By the way she is only 15.2 hands but they say she is 16.1 hands. 
Click here to see one of these scam ads (in Sweden).  There are thousands of fake ads, don't be foolish and believe them!!!

Tessa Welmoed being ridden by Sue Z., owner Legacy Friesians
Tessa is NOT for sale

Oct 9-Are you having trouble with your Friesian?  Ton Does, a dressage trainer from Friesland is coming to the USA for a week starting October 30 until November 6, and will be in the Portland OR area to help you and your horse.  Ton can accomplish a lot in a week, so if you are having trouble selling your Friesian or have a specific training problem, I highly recomend hiring Ton and taking advantage of a guy who truly understands this breed.  He is reasonably priced at $50 per session (plus travel expenses if you are not in the Sherwood/Newberg area).   When Ton was here before, he trained several Friesians for me and rode them for sale videos.  If you need help with your Friesian, half Friesian or other breed, you can email him to schedule an appointment when he's in town or click on his photo below to see more info.

Oct 4-Looking for a used Fryso Legacy Dressage saddle?  Sorry, sold Oct 10

Oct 3-Congrats to Amy Tappe of Texas, on purchasing our 2011 foal from Maaike, our first premie Star mare, who is in foal to Goffert 369, Due middle of April, 2011!

Sept 27-Harmina LF and her mom  Tessa Welmoed  did great at the FHANA keuring in Ridgefield WA!  Harmina received 2nd premie Reserve Champion Filly and her dam Tessa Welmoed received Grand Champion Mare!  Click here to see more photos of this dynamic duo at the keuring! 

Sept 12- Hindrik Lauwers and I received Reserve Champion at First Level Adult Amateur in the Oregon State Championships this past weekend!  On Saturday we got a 66.857% on first level test 3,and then on Sunday we did 1st level test 4 and got a 69.737% (our best score ever).  The combined average score was 68.2%, good enough for Reserve Champion at First Level AA.  There are special rules for the state championships - no readers, no whips. 
Click here to view the award ceremony video.  We have one more show left this year, the Region 6 championships in Seattle, next Saturday.  Click here to see a video of our Sunday ride, First Level Test 4, which scored 69.74% (video by Equine Video Productions)

Sept 8-  Oregon  State  Dressage Championships are this weekend at Devonwood Equestrian Centre!  Hindrik ane I are in the First Level Adult Amateur classes, and our ride times are 10 am on Saturday and 9:34 am on Sunday.  Click here to see a list of riders that will be riding in the Championship show, and then you can click on their name(s) to see their ride times.  Hindrik and I are also going to the Region 6 Championships the following weekend.

August 21-  Our Harmina LF (Onne 376 x Olrik 383) is exactly six months old today, so I took new photos and a video of her.  She shows a lot of potential for dressage!!
Speaking of dressage, Hindrik Lauwers and I have only 2 competitions left for the year, the Oregon State Championship Show on Sept 11-12 at Devonwood and the Great American Region 6 championships on Sept 18 at Donida.  Shortly after I'll be bringing Harmina LF and her mom  Tessa Welmoed to the FHANA keuring in Ridgefield WA on Sept 23. 
Next year I'll be competing with Hindrik Lauwers in 2nd level, and Tessa Welmoed will make her debut at training and first level and I will also be nominating her for the ODS young horse Futurity for 2011.

August 10-Hindrik Lauwers and I had our best show ever at Lake Oswego last weekend! We got 3 first place finishes and one second place (at first level). 
Click here to see one of our rides (first level test 4).  Our next competition will be at the State Championships, Sept 11-12.  We did qualify for the Region 6 championships but decided not to do them because they begin only 3 days after the state championships, and they are in Seattle this year. 
Also Harmina LF is doing great and getting big!  Click here to see her new video (August 9).

August 4-  FRAUD UPDATE.  Well the criminals didn't like it that I was able to put warnings on their fake Legacy Friesians website so they have created a new "Golden Friesians" website and they sent me a threatening email.  Click here to visit their newest attempt to cheat people.  On their new website, they are continuing to steal  the content from our website, and now Witteveen Friesians as well.  As well as Judge Manning Horse transport in NY.   I can tell you that these criminals are from  Yaoundé, Centre, Cameroon.  They must have that Texas phone #  214-501-7889 routed to Cameroon.  I believe these people have partners in the USA that pretend they are horse transporters.  I believe their scam is to try to offer a free trial on a Friesian, or to offer a free Friesian, but then they have their partner call and try to get the customer to pay for the transportation.
I will be able to provide specific information on their IP address to the FBI now.  I am collecting more and more evidence on them, the further they traspass onto my site to get photos and videos.  They have now stolen a photo that was copyrighted by Mary Cornelius for their new Golden Friesians logo.  Current fake horses that they are listing are Durk (Gelding), Doeke (Gelding), Walter (Gelding), Gulder (Mare), May (Mare), Hetsche (Mare), Riemer (Mare), Hannah (Mare).

July 30-  FRAUD ALERT.  There is a totally 100 percent fake website posing as us, Legacy Friesians.  They have multiple ads and they back up their ads with this fake website so they look legitimate.  Click here to view their fake website. They went through a lot of trouble to make it look real, so  please don't fall for it.  In general, if a deal seems too good to be true, it is!
A person alerted me to it who almost got ripped off for $4,100 
Their phone # that they give out if you contact them for one of the fake sale horses is 
Be aware if you call that # you are talking to a criminal trying to cheat you.

July 27-  Here is a movie trailer that makes my eyes tear up when I watch it because I love this breed so much!  Don't waste another year, you NEED your dream horse, a Friesian.  They have never been  more affordable.  Make it happen, you deserve it!  Click here to view our complete sales selection. We list Friesians from all over the USA on behalf of their owners, and we have a reliable honest source for Friesians in the Netherlands too!!!


July 25- Hindrik Lauwers and I got the IFSHA High Point award for the highest scoring Friesian at Dressage at Devonwood with a 68 percent from Judge Hilda Gurney!!! Right now Hindrik Lauwers is ranked 2nd in the country for IFSHA horses competing at 1st level Open dressage.   Photos from the show on his page if you click his name.

July 9- There is a brand new update from the KFPS. They have made some changes to the linear score forms, updated height requirements, they have added an update on the Rypke 321 fraud.  Click here to download the KFPS newsletter - information for foreign members.

The heat is on- despite 100 degree temps here, Hindrik and I are training hard for our next show, Dresage at Devonwood, we have entered first level classes on July 24 and 25.  We will also be doing Dressage at Lake Oswego  Hunt on August 6-8, the ODS Championship Show Sept 11-12, and the USDF Great American Insurance Region 6 Championship Sept 16-19.  The FHANA keuring will be Sept 28 at the Clark County Fairgrounds.  We will be bringing Harmina LF and her dam Tessa Welmoed.

July 3- Fryso Legacy Dressage saddle for sale.  Used, but in excellent condition. $1250 not including shipping.  In the NYC area.
Click on the photo for more details

June 26- I was so proud of Hindrik Lauwers, my 8 year old Friesian gelding, at the USDF Letter Perfect dressage show on June 26.    He placed 1st in one class, 2nd in the other, and received reserve high point for first level!   In this show we qualified for Regionals at first level, so we will be doing both the State championships and Regional championships this year in September.

First Level Test 1 - click here to see  video

June 23-New from the KFPS - Current status of the fraud case surrounding Rypke 321-The fraud case surrounding Rypke 321 in which offspring registered as this stallion’s offspring were actually not sired by him has been an issue occupying the minds of many in the KFPS in recent months. Following the information about this matter that was issued in Phryso and at the KFPS website, here is an update of the situation.  The KFPS has had DNA testing run on all the horses foaled since 2003 that it could trace as being registered as offspring of Rypke. This testing has shown that actually none of the horses foaled in 2008, 2009 and 2010 are offspring of Rypke 321. Of the horses foaled in 2005, 2006 and 2007, some are actually the offspring of Rypke 321 while some are offspring of other (most probably foalbook) stallions that have not yet been identified. The known findings of genetic testing run on the horses foaled in 2003 and 2004 show that all of these horses are offspring of Rypke 321. The remaining findings will become available within the next few weeks. Owners of offspring registered as Rypke’s offspring that were foaled after May 1, 2003 and for which a hair sample has not yet been submitted are asked to contact the KFPS. Until now, more than 50 horses registered as having been sired by Rypke 321 were not sired by this stallion.
At first, the owner of Rypke 321 indicated his willingness to compensate the owners of the horses not actually sired by Rypke 321. He then hired the services of an attorney for this purpose. In a few cases, these damages were then paid. Since then, however, the attorney has indicated a delay in the settlement process due to the fact that the owner of Rypke 321 has neither made enough money available nor can promise to be able to do so within the near future. This has prompted a number of victims to take this matter into their own hands, their goal being to file a joint action. All the victims (owners of horses shown not to be offspring of Rypke 321) will soon be contacted in writing in regard to a meeting to be held. 

June 16-  I found out yesteday that Maaike, my first premie Star mare is in foal to Goffert 369, Due April 22, 2011!  This foal is going to be a 1 in a million great dressage prospect as Goffert 369 was competing at Grand Prix level before he died in 2007; and Maaike's foals are all phenominal in character, conformation and movement.  Maaike  is a true daughter of the great  Rypke 321, having been born in 1999!
The foal will be for sale.  I will entertain in-utero offers.

About the sire:
•  Goffert died on February 13, 2007 
•  Goffert is Approved on Offspring by FPS
•  Goffert was Region 1 I -2 Champion 2003 
•  Goffert placed 1st Place Grand Prix Freestyle Kentucky Horse Park 74.1% 
•  Goffert had 9 GP scores over 60% in 2004
•  Goffert was the2006 Breyer Friesian Horse of the Year 

June 15-  At 3:45, Tuesday morning, Nanning 374, the pride of Fenway Farms and of Scott and Shelley Kelnhofer, was humanely euthanized after suffering a ruptured stomach.  "Efforts to save our wonderful horse proved futile",  reported his owners.  Our most sincere condolences to his loving owners.

June 10-  In loving memory of Hearke B.  He graced us with his presence from February 3, 2002-  June 10, 2010.  My sincere condolences to his owners, Wendy and Steve.  Hearke was one of the most beautiful Friesians in the USA and will be missed greatly by everyone who knew him.

May 23-  We just took Tessa PJ to the beach at Pacific City today and she had a great time in the ocean.  Click here to see the photos.  If you want an awesome mare for beach riding, trail riding or as a dressage prospect, you should consider Tessa PJ!

May 13-from the KFPS:  During a random testing of foals born in 2009, it was discovered at the end of last year that fraud had been committed in regard to the stud services of Rypke 321. This information was already published at the KFPS website and in Phryso. By now, we know that some of the offspring born in previous years and registered as having been sired by Rypke 321 are not sired by this stallion either. For the KFPS, this is reason to verify the parentage of all horses foaled after May 1, 2003 that are registered as having been sired by Rypke 321.  These horses were sired after the stallion had suffered an injury to his sex organs.

Insofar as the owners of these horses could be traced, they have now been notified of this situation. Owners of Rypke’s offspring that are not registered as such with the KFPS are being asked to contact the KFPS. These horses can remain in the registers of the KFPS only if their parentage is verified. These owners will not incur any costs for this testing. 
By now, this matter is being handled by the KFPS Disciplinary Committee. In addition, the attorney representing the owner of Rypke 321 is working on compensating the owners of horses that - as has been proven - not are sired by this stallion.

April  13- I am SO excited to announce, we have relocated MYSTIC WARRIOR!  He is a 3/4 friesian stallion that we sold through our website, on behalf of his owners,  Keith and Linda Marsh, 2 years ago.  He was bought by Jose Trujillo of Wayne, Illinois.  Mystic Warrior has his mother's coloring (leopard but with more black spots).  He is now a dancing horse.  He will be available at stud this year!
Stay tuned for updated photos of him!


March 26-27- Spring Into Dressage, our first show of the year was this weekend. 
Hindrik Lauwers  and I got our first qualifying scores at First Level, for the Oregon State Championships in September.  Click here to see a video of our First Level Test 4 ride.  This was the first time we attempted first level in a recognized show. 

March 15-   It feels like an early summer in the North West! 
Here is a photo of my competition horse Hindrik Lauwers, and Zanneke, enjoying a fine spring morning on our farm.    I am riding Hindrik at First Level this year.  Our first  competitions  will be 'Spring Into Dressage' at Devonwood Equestrian Centre on March 25-26, the FVC Spring Fling on April 10 at the Clark County Expo Center, and Heart of the Valley, also at Devonwood on May 15-16.

March 12-   We are proud to share the following link to a video on youtube that features Harmina LF and our Farm- Harmina was 2 weeks old in this video. The video was filmed and produced by Equine Video Productions. Click here to view the video. 

March 10-   When I registered Harmina LF, FHANA sent me a preliminary 2010 Inspection schedule.  The schedule is subject to change. 
Here is the West Circuit schedule for 2010:
Sept 17-18: Wisconsin; Sept 20: Baldwin City Kansas- Signature Friesians;  Sept 24: Texas; Sept 25: Arizona, Sept 27: Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa California; Sept 28: Clark County Fairgrounds Vancouver Washington, Sept 29-30: DG Bar Ranch Hanford CA, Oct 1-2: Fairplex Pomona Ca 
Here is the East Circuit schedule for 2010: 
Sept 28-29: Hastings Michigan; Oct 1: Springfield Ohio; Oct 2: Iron Spring farm, Coatesville PA; Oct 4: Virginia; Oct 5: Huntersville NC; Oct 7: Morristown, TN; Oct 9: Weirsdale, FL; Oct 11-12: Massachusetts 
Here is the Canadian Circuit for 2010: 
Sept 20:  Spencerville Ontario ;  Sept 21-22: Woodstock, Ontario; Sept 24: Olds, Alberta; Sept 25; Chilliwack, BC
February 23-   Congratlulations to Minker Friesians on the approval of Tonjes 459
(Anton 343 x Ulke 338).  Tonjes 459 was formerly known as Tim P. and was bred by Vanderploeg Friesians.  This was the 4th approved stallion that came from the breeding program at Vanderploeg Friesians!  Tonjes 459 will be standing at Minker Friesians.  The meaning of the name Tonjes is..."Worthy of Praise"..."Priceless".  Tonjes 459 received scores of 78 for riding, 69.5 for driving, and 76 for showdriving.  You can see more photos of Tonjes 459 by clicking here (Minker Friesians)

Tonjes 459 

February 21-   Our Full Papered star mare, Tessa Welmoed just gave birth to a strong, healthy and beautiful filly, Harmina L.F. !  Born feb 21 at 12:08 pm.
Harmina has unique bloodlines straight from the best stallions in the Netherlands: 
Onne 376 x Olrik 383 x Jasper 366 !!!!

Harmina L.F. - sure-footed already at 1 hr old

January 30 -   Signature Friesians just announced that World Champion Sape 381 will be standing at their farm for the 2010 breeding season!  Click here to see their announcement!
Click here to see Sape's Breeding values. 

January 10 -   Here is some feedback on our website I recently received:
My hat is off to you !!!!!.  The information provided on your web site is  the most informative piece of work I can honestly say I have read on any topic in a very long time.  Even better, is I didn’t have to request it, or get in chat groups to get 50 different opinions which gets confusing.  So Thank you!  I have recently bought my first Friesian and have had problems as you do with anything.  But I just haven’t been able to get any factual information from anyone.  I hate the chat groups.  People only want to talk about their own horse or you get very fragmented pieces of information and auren’t sure which way to go.  You certainly did all Friesian owner’s ( especially the new ones) a great service with all the specifics on every topic concerning the Friesian breed.
My girl is not food oriented and is hard to keep weight on.  I am sure with the info you have provided I can get on the right track.
Thank you again 
Check out our About Friesians page to access this info.  Also our Stallions page is the most complete and up to date assembly of statistics on approved Friesian stallions anywhere.  Advertise your friesian for sale with us, we just got over 8 inquiries within the last 2 days!

January 9 -   2010 KFPS Stallion Show Results

Uldrik 457 is the Champion!  Uldrik is a son of Dries 421.

Norbert 444 is the reserve champion!
Norbert (Tsjerk 328 pref x Hearke 254 pref) made a very good impression during all of his performance. Time and again he presented himself with a huge trot with much suspension. Breeder/owner the Van der Zee family  were visibly emotional. 

There were 15 stallions in the championship class:   Tymon 456, Uldrik 457, Anders 451,
Norbert 444, Stendert 447, Maurus 441, Maurits 437, Jerke 434, Jensen 432, Haitse 425, Gjalt 426, Beart 411, Aan 416, Wikke 404 and Wobke 403 were this year's top performers. 

Of the young stallions, 21 have been selected to participate in the 2010 Central Performance Testing.  The top performers will be provisionally approved for breeding.  Stay tuned!

December 25-  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Legacy Friesians!  We did have a surprise white Christmas in Newberg Oregon today, because we had a layer of frost that had covered everything overnight.
It inspired me to make a Christmas video, click here to see it.

December 23-   Brief stallion news-  Arjen 417, Eibert 419, and Dries 421 are now permanently approved on offspring!!  The stallion Feike 395 has also been permanently approved on offspring, but for North America only.   The stallion Beintse 418 has been put on hold...until more offspring are evaluated he will not have a breeding permit. 
Of the stallions that were put on hold last year, the breeding permit for Botte 414 and Ymte 407 are revoked permanently.  Our condolences to their owners.
Also, Iron Spring has purchased Maeije 440  (Beart 411xGoffert 369)!
How nice for us to have a Beart 411 son in the USA!

    November 16- 
Our business partners in Holland are known for their quality horses.  One of their mares, Rixt Z., recently become Kroon on November 6.  She is a full papered Doaitsen 420 x Leffert 306 Pref mare, in foal to Arjen 417.  She received 78 points on her ridden IBOP test, making it official!!!  Rixt Z even had a filly in April 2009 and still was able to get in shape in time for the IBOP!  Rixt Z. can be yours for $62,500 including all import costs, including CEM quarantine in Ohio.  Click here to see a report on her that shows her pedigree and premies earned, and offspring.  If you are interested in Rixt Z,
please click here

At the auction in Reno, the 2 Kroon mares sold for $90,000 each, so Rixt Z. is an amazing deal!!!

Also available for import:
1) full papered 2nd premie star mare (Beart 411 x Gradus 356)  in foal to Michiel 
2) full papered 2nd premie star mare (Lukas 324 x Tsjerk 328)
 open, but could be bred before import.
3)  2nd premie star mare (Onne 376x Feitse 293)  in foal to Maurits.
This mare is a full sister to a Legacy Friesians import, Rixt, owned by April and Steve Hughes of SC!

November 14-Ermelo: On Nov 14, six stallions had their exams under saddle, in showdriving and driving dressage. Five of them got approved. Thorn vd Noestehoeve  did not show enough progress and did not make it. Mr. Fetse Veldstra  described this group as very talented with some very promising horses that got totals of over 90 points! "We had some topstallions among them, with scores we lacked the past few years."  The new stallions are:

Tsjalle 454 -Mintse x Brandus (Tsjalf fan Fjildsicht)
scores (saddle, driving, showdriving):  75.5,  85.5, 91.5
"A beautiful example of the breed. His father Mintse is in the States and we are delighted to have such a good son of him approved. Tsjalle has an active walk, which perhaps could cover a little more ground. He specificly excells in the showdriving part, in which he scored a very good 91.5 points." said Veldstra.

Take 455 -Jakob x Oltman (Volkert ut 'e Reiden)
scores:  75.5, 81.0, 73.5 
"This  son of Jakob excelled in the drivingtest. His father Jakob is 24 years old now and we are very happy to have this son approved. Damsire Oltman is dissaproved on offspring, but she is a very good mare! "

Tymon 456 -Andries x Leffert (Titus L.)
scores:   84.5, 89.0, 89.5 
"A beautiful built stallion, uphill, with long forelegs. He's an allrounder. Scored 84,5 at his saddletest, drivingtest 89 and at showdriving 89.5 points, which is very good. Tymon is a horse that's built in the current standard of the Friesian breed, uphill with long lines." 

Uldrik 457 -  Dries x Tsjerk (Ulrik fan 'e Vesta hoeve)
scores:   88.0, 94.0, 95.5
A very beautiful stallion, very 'Friesian'. . "Uldrik scored  88 points at his saddletest, which is very good. He received  94 points for the drivingpart and a monsterscore of 95,5 for showdriving! We never had a stallion that scored this good! " Uldrik is the first approved stallion of his father Dries. (Jasper x Hearke)

Uwe 458 - Beart x Bonne (Tinus R.M.):
scores:  76.5, 79.0, 74.5
"A longlined stallion that stood out because of his very good walk. He received 76,5 points for the saddletest,  79 for his driving and  74,5 for showdriving. A stallions that fits into the breeding standard, also because of his pleasant temperament."

For photos, see our Approved Stallions page, which we have updated so you can see the latest info!

November 1-  Congrats to the following Legacy Friesians imports who won titles at IFSHA!

Mohair, a 5 year old  Beart 411 mare, owned by Monique Stevens won the following:
·         World champion Friesian DSH in hand mares 3-5 years
·        World champion Friesian WT pleasure amateur
·         National Champion Friesian WT pleasure open
·         National champion Friesian WT pleasure amateur
·         Reserve World champion Friesian WT pleasure –junior exhibitor
·         Reserve World champion Friesian or part bred showmanship-junior exhibitor
·         Reserve national champion Friesian English pleasure hunt seat- junior exhibitor

  Welmoed v/d Goslingawei a ten year old  Heinse 354 mare owned by Monique Stevens and Elsa Salzbrun won:
·         World champion Friesian senior mares 6 years and over  (halter)
·         World champion English pleasure saddle seat-amateur
·         World champion Friesian/part bred saddle seat eq.-junior exhibitor
·         National champion Friesian WT equitation – green rider
·         Reserve World champion DSH in hand 6 and over-
·         Reserve World champion Friesian mare halter-amateur to handle

October 31-  Happy Halloween!

Althea the bumblebee (my niece, in Rochester NY)
Other news, I have decided to keep Tessa PJ, so she is no longer on the sale page
We are planning an open house with 5 Friesian fillies for sale!  email me for details.  If you want to go to one place and have a big selection to choose from, that would be a great opportunity for you!

October 3-  I just found out that Hindrik are currently in  3rd place overall in the 2009 USDF Friesian breed Award (FHANA) for Adult Amateur and Training Level dressage - our average score for the year was 64.4 , reults are not final yet but the show season is winding down- I know Hindrik and I are done showing for the year!

Also, I wanted to warn people about scams.  There are SO many scams involving Friesians right now.  Beward of a seller named Stephanie Daniels ( !!!  Beware of any Friesian named  Ayala, or Andy- those are common names they use.     Here is the scam:  "So the only way you will receive the horse is by me setting up a delivery for you and the horse will be delivered to you at your home . all what you will be required to pay will be the transportation and delivery charges of the horse to your home . i have a very reputable hauling agency and it will cost you just $850  to have him delivered to you at your home . all you need to do right now is to provide me with your full contact address so that i can change the ownership papers and later on get him registered for delivery to your home . if this is ok by you , then i will need the following details from you "  They also make you apply for adoption and then when they choose you out of the millions of applicants you will feel so happy, and then they ask you for the shipping money, and you'll never see it again, or the horse!!!   They are using OUR photos a lot of the time.  In fact, beware when you see a purebred friesian for less than $7000!  If it is $3000 or less, it is almost certainly a scam.  Never pay for shipping before you get the horse!!!!

September 21-  A note about keurings - so your horse didn't do as well as you had hoped?  Just take it with a grain of salt- it is just one day in your horse's life,  and there are so many random factors that influence the rankings.  Some judges put more weight on conformation, others care more about movement.  Maybe your horse was having a bad day, maybe they would do better in a different location or footing.  Maybe you got them too hot or not hot enough. The bottom line is, it's your horse that you love- don't let it ruin your day, just realize that you are very lucky to own such a fabulous Friesian!

September 15-  Our 3 year old mare, Tessa Welmoed became a Star mare today in Monroe Oregon!! That means her foal by Onne 376, due at the end of February 2010, will be full papered!   The foal will be an Onne 376 x Olrik 383 x Jasper 366 x Leffert !!!

September 14-  Hindrik and I got 6th place in the Oregon State championships for Adult Amateur training level, I am so proud of him - video from day 2.  Now I am off to the first keuring in Monroe, WA on Tuesday.  Then on Wednesday, I'll be heading to the Oregon keuring at the This year the Oregon keuring will be at the Clackamas County Event Center,  694 NE 4th Ave,  Canby, OR  97013 - the keuring starts at 9 am on Wednesday Sept 16.  Also, on a different note- Congratulations to trainer Ron Steur in Virginia, who is now training the approved stallion, Fridse 423 Sport!!!

September 9-  What a busy week it's going to be!  First, this weekend, I am competing with my 7 year old gelding, Hindrik, in the Oregon State Championships
Then my Dutch business partners, Pieter and Janet are flying in, and we will head up to Monroe Washington for the keuring on Sept 15, in which I have one mare, Tessa Welmoed, who is being shown for star.  Then we'll head back down to Oregon with the runners for the next day's keuring in Canby, Oregon, where Tessa PJ (PJ stands for Pieter and Janet, her breeders), Zanneke, and Delilah LF will be presented.   If anyone is looking to buy an imported Friesian, you can talk to Pieter and Janet about their current selection at either keuring.

August 17-  I have 2 new short video clips that are worth watching....  1 is Delilah LF playing with my goat, and the other is Maaike and Delilah LF at the Mount Hood Equestrian Centre.

August 16-  Did you know that Jane Savoie offers a great service called Dressage Mentor?   Once you join, a whole library full of instructional videos is at your fingertips!  I joined about 2 weeks ago (membership is $27 a month, less than the cost of 1 riding lesson).  Jane will even critique 10 minutes of video of you riding your horse.  I submitted video of myself riding Hindrik at our last show and I found her critique very helpful - she gave us exercises to work on too!  The other nice thing is that Jane owns a Friesian so she is a huge fan of the breed but also knows how to overcome some of the common problems that Friesians face in dressage.

August 14-  volunteers needed to work at the Friesian keuring in Canby, on September 16 from about 8 am to 12 pm at the Fairgrounds in Canby....  If you can help please email Alana

July 31- We are sorry, but there can be no updates on the Rescue group due to the upcoming trial and the DA's case.  The horses are still in need of donations though!  This was one of the worst cases the area has ever seen.  Eventually they will be able to release more information and photos, and believe me, it will be enough to make you cry.    If you can help contact  BJ Anderson of the Willamette Humane Society  (503) 585-5900  Please call (503) 585-5900  or donate through their website

July 24-    Our hearts go out to Rico v.d. Melder, a once beautiful 4th level dressage imported Friesian stallion born June 31, 1997.  He was recovered in an abuse case, and  found in terrible condition, but is in good hands with the Willamette Humane Society now.  I was contacted by the Willamette Humane Society today since they were gathering facts, and I was able to look him up in the FHANA/FPS database for them.  Kristina Early, his registered owner, is now in police custody for animal abuse regarding Rico, 2 other Friesian mares, and many other horses.  Another alias for Kristina Early is Kristy Demonte.  She was advertising horses  for sale on dreamhorse under that name.  We hope she gets  the maximum sentence for what she did to this once proud stallion and the other horses. To all Dutch people who see this, I am so sorry that Rico suffered in our country, but please be aware that the owner, although out on bail now, is still facing serious charges. Click here to read an article about this unfortunate situation.  To all  sellers- be CAREFUL who you sell to in this terrible economy.  Sometimes, it's impossible to know, but if you have a nagging feeling that something is not right, do something about it!   Get references and check up on your sold horses if you are suspicious.   Other Friesians that Kristina Early / "Kristy Demonte" owned were Ursulinda fan de Fourage, Debbie van de Zuiderwaard,  Debbie's unregistered Onne 376 daughter, April, and Galahads Black Shadow.   If you have any information that could help investigators regarding Kristina Early, please contact the  Willamette Humane Society  (503) 585-5900. 
If you bought or sold a horse from/to Kristina Early/Kristy Demonte they will want to hear from you!!!!
More articles:  KATU, KGW

July 8-   For everyone's convenience, we have just added a complete KFPS approved stallion webpage devoted to the  KFPS stallions in OTHER countries (only stallions that have approved breeding permits in 2009).  We already had this information for the USA stallions, but now we have it for all stallions, with this new webpage.  Click here to go to the new webpage.  If you click on the stallion's name, it will bring up a pdf report that includes the pedigree, breedings per year, and offspring information.

July 4-   Do you plan on taking your foal / horse to a keuring this year?  FHANA is encouraging all people to enter now, to avoid a late fee.  The Washington state keuring will be on September 15 in Monroe.  The Oregon keuring will be in Canby, at the fairgrounds on September 16.  You can download the FHANA form here, and make sure to send it to FHANA as soon as possible!   The word is the Oregon keuring needs more entries, so don't hesitate if you plan to bring a horse!

July 3-   Do you live in the Portland Oregon area and are having trouble selling your horse?  We may be able to help.  For $100 per horse, you may bring your horse here to our farm, and we will take good photos and produce a video for you.  All photos will be taken in our arena.  We'll also list your horse on our Other Horses for sale page with the new photos and video.   You'll get a CD with all the photos and the video on it and unlimited use of the photos.  To set up an appointment, you can either email me, or call me at 503-349-5761.  If we find the buyer through our webpage, we do charge a 5% commission after you get paid for the horse.  You can see sample photos by clicking here

June 21-   A report from Monique on her 2 Legacy Friesians, Mohair and Welmoed regarding the Baroque Soltice Performance show:  We came home with 7 firsts, 6 seconds, and a handful of thrids and fourths and one fifth.  My girls were riding, and they entered mostly open classes too.   Welmoed won liberty with 11 mares in the class.     They did great in their performance classes.  My trainer is  training Mohair, and  my 11 year old is competing and winning on her!  She rides hunt and even won western.  Mohair is such a good girl.   Welmoed we ride saddleseat.  She did well.    Nice to see you.  I enjoyed watching you ride your gelding.   ;)  M 

May 28-  Delilah LF was born  at 8 pm today!  She is a very cute and strong Sibald x Rypke filly!   We have a new video of her now!

Delilah LF

May 22-   From Iron Spring Farm:  Heinse 354, Rest in Peace 
It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Heinse 354. He was a beloved member of the Iron Spring Farm family for many years and dressage partner for Mary Alice. He coliced and died on Wednesday, May 20, 2009.   Heinse has 3 approved sons, including Meinse 439, who was recently imported and is standing at Iron Spring Farm. We have been asked if there is frozen semen for Heinse available and, unfortunately, there is not. Thank you for your concern and sympathy. If you'd like to write a message, please visit our Facebook wall

May 15-   Check out this Youtube video of approved stallion Meinse 439 (click here).  He's only 5 years old and he got 78.9% and 79.47%  at First level 4, in 2009 Ocala Spring Dressage!  He was also First level High Point Champion there too. 

April 24-  Pam Goodrich is in town!  I rode Hindrik in today's clinic and it was so much fun, that I also signed up to ride tomorrow and Sunday.  Auditors are welcome, for $5 per day.  It is at Sherwood Forest Equestrian Center ( 28303 SW Baker Rd, Sherwood OR 97140 ).  If anyone wants to see a Pam Goodrich lesson with 2 Friesians at the same time, my friend Wendy is riding Hearke while I ride Hindrik on Sunday at 2pm.

March 11-    The tentative schedule for this year's keurings has been announced by FHANA via their newsletter for members:

On behalf of the 2009 Keuring Committee it is a pleasure to anounce the Keuring schedule.  The committee worked very hard to get these dates to everyone in a timely manner.  We will be posting an upddated registration form on the website oin the days to come.  This year we took a lot of things into consideration when putting this schedule together. 

East Circuit
West Circuit
August 10 
September 8-9
Northampton, MA
September 12 
Argyle, TX
August 11-12 
September 11 
Coatesville, PA
September 14 
Utah Site
August 14 
September 12 
Leesburgh, VA
September 15 
Monroe, WA
August 15 
Maple Ridge
September 14
Newcastle, PA
September 16
Portland, OR
September 15
Charlotte, NC
September 17 
Santa Rosa, CA
 September 16 
Morristown, TN
September 18-19 
Tulare, CA
September 17 
Florida Site
September 22-23 
Pomona, CA
September 19
Baldwin City, KS
 September 21-22
Hastings, MI
September 23-24
Wisconsin Site
Alternate Keuring Site Date to be announced:  Reno, NV during 25th Anniversary Convention
We look forward to this being the most successful Keuring season yet.  We have put some things in place such as early registration discounts, we have worked with site hosts to make sure we are accomodating their needs, and we have addressed many of the issues from previous years. 

February 27-    Congratulations to Klaas and Mares van der Ploeg, on the approval of their stallion Sylvester P. (Teade 392 Sport x Ulke 338 Sport)- which happened just today at DG Bar ranch in California!  Sylvester P. will now be known as Sipke 450.  He will be standing at The Friesian Connection in Michigan, and his stud fee is $1250.

Sipke 450

As many of you know, I just returned from visiting the van der Ploeg's farm in February 2009.  I was very impressed by the quality of their horses.  Contact me if you'd like to find out how you can buy one of their quality sale horses and I can tell you about which are available.  No other breeder in the USA has been even close to how successful they have been-the approved stallion Tonis 393 was the first foal born on their farm, Doaitsen 420 was also bred by them and he is one of the top performing Friesian stallions in the world today, and now they have done it again with Sipke 450.

February 20-   Congratulations to the Dancers, as their Legacy Friesians imported mare, Sjoukje, just had her colt, only minutes ago.  It seems half the world was watching on marestare.  If you'd like to see them, (live streaming video),
you can go to the marestare website and go to Rein Dancer Farms.  I had to follow the directions on "Cam Help" to really get mine to work.  It's worth it to see that healthy little guy and proud Sjoukje.

February 18-   If you get the Phryso magazine (it's all in Dutch), you will have just received the 2009 edition of all the approved stallions breeding values.  The new data tells you the breeding values of younger stallions for the very first time such as Andries 415, Wierd 409, Wikke 404, Rindert 406, Beart 411, Bente 412, Brend 413, Aan 416, Doaitsen 420, and Feike 395.  The younger the stallions are, the fewer the offspring that have been evaluated, and the lower the confidence is in the predicted breeding values. The stallions that were approved less than 3 years ago  are not even in this edition because they don't have 3 year old offspring yet.  Breeding values are so important - they predict how good the offspring are going to be.  If your goal is to have quality foals, you really should learn about and research breeding values.  We have a lot of information on our Stallions page to help you compare between stallions.  If you need help, you can always email me.  Doaitsen 420, Jasper 366, Beart 411, Onne 376, and Olrik 383 are all at the top of the list for predicted breeding values (the prediction of the quality of their foals).

January 20-    Click hereto see an article about the status of the CEM investigation that unfortunately involves on of our own beloved Friesian stallions, Nanning 374.

January 19-   Click here to see an article where our website is featured, because of a very informative article that we posted about Friesian breed's suitability for dressage, written by Syliva Lindstrom of Sweden.

January 12-    Click here to see a video from the 2009 Hengstenkeuring. 
Click here to see another video

January 10-   The young stallion Maurus 441 became this year's WORLD CHAMPION today at the KFPS Hengsten Keuring! Doaitsen 420 was the Reserve Champion (congratulations to Klaas and Mares vanderPloeg!).  Last year at the stallion show was the first debut of Maurus 441, and this year he wins World Champion- what an amazing stallion.

January 6-    Did you know the KFPS has analyzed the results of inspections and ABFP tests of the offspring of all the KFPS approved stallions as of December 2008?  I rank ordered the stallions based on the KFPS new offspring data.  Click on my graph below to see the top KFPS stallions based on their offspring's scores.  #1 is Beart 411 when it comes to how his offspring are performing!  #2 is his sire, Jasper 366!

Dec 20-    All week the snow and ice has persisted and today we got an even bigger storm.  I let the girls out to have some fun in the 6 inch deep snow this morning and made a Holiday video.  Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays from Legacy Friesians!!!  Click here to see our holiday video of Legacy Friesians in the snow. 

Dec 14-   A rare snowstorm hit our area today and the snow should stick around for at least a week.  Click Maaike's photo below to see photos of Legacy Friesians in the snow

Nov 30-    FPS NEWSFLASH:  The FPS board just accepted the new system (where approved stallions earn points for different predicates of his offspring.  They need to have at least 1000 points to become preferent) so the following stallions will become preferent: Tsjalling 235 (v. Hotse), Jochem 259 (v. Mark), Lammert 260 (v. Bjinse), Naen 264 (v. Ferdinand) and Tsjerk 328 (Feitse x Nanne). 

Nov 30-    I want to let people know about a wonderful product line that I have been using on my mare Maaike for the last month.  The results have been amazing.  Her scratches are completely gone and her energy level has gone up and she is more focused on her work.  She's performing better than ever before.  I highly reccomend these products, made specifically for the Friesian breed.  You can get to the website by clicking the following link:  Friesian Formula

Nov 27-  Happy Thanksgiving from Legacy Friesians!!!  I am most thankful to each and every customer who has given our Friesians excellent homes.  It is very hard to sell these brilliant horses- each and every one of them are such special individuals and I get very attached to all of them.   But knowing they are going to wonderful homes where they are loved, makes it bearable to say goodbye to them, as hard as it is.  So if you have a Legacy Friesian at home, please give them an extra hug from me today!  Please send updates, I  love getting new photos for our References Page!

Nov 24-  Congratulations to Kathy and our past sale gelding,  Pedro,for winning  End of Year Reserve Champion at Training Level, and also won Third High Score for Training Level as well as Grand Champion All Breed Award for Friesian!  Way to go!

Nov 18-  We now can offer, Feikje, a 1st premie star mare (Feitse 293 Pref x Brandus) who is in foal to Harmen 424, reserve World Champion in 2007.  Click on her photo below for more info:

   Breeding values (EXTREMELY HIGH)
rastype 108 (Racial Type)
bouw 107  (Conformation)
beenwerk 106 (Leg Quality)
stap 104 (Walk)
draf 108 (Trot)
Total 107
About breeding values: The breeding values are calculated based on of all the scores that are given to this mare and her mother, father, sister and brothers. The breeding values say something about the expected scores of her offspring. In his case the reliability is 44%, so when you would breed with her there is a 44% change that the offspring will receive that scores. For mares, these scores can tell you a lot about the expected scores of the offspring and you can use these scores to choose a studbook stallion.  Most mares, even star mares, have Total's of 98-102.  Finding one with a Total of 107 is very rare and usually only happens when the mare is a model with a great pedigree.  If you are curious about your mare's breeding values scores, you can email me with her reg # and I will be glad to provide these to you free of charge.

Nov 8-  Today Anjo, a full papered star mare earned her SPORT predicate by getting her 5th point in Z level dressage!  Congratulations to Anjo Star-Sport's new owner, Kate, of Oregon!!!  Anjo will be flying to NY this Wednesday, and will begin her CEM at Blue Diamond Stables in Ohio on Saturday.  We are import specialists, so if you'd like us to find you the right Friesian in Holland email Sue today!

Oct 31-  Congratulations to the following Legacy Friesians at the IFSHA World Championships!  All of these Legacy Friesians are in training with Cheryl Baird, of South Carolina congratulations, Cheryl!!!!  :

Inne, ridden by junior rider Kelsey Baird got World CHAMPION in 
WC Friesian Country English Pleasure Saddle Seat Junior Exhibitor
  Click here to see the results of Inne's class
Inne also got Reserve National Champion!
Click here to see the results of Inne's class

Rixt,  got Reserve World Champion Junior Mare 3-5 years & Reserve WC for  at Liberty mares
Click here to see the results of Rixt's class

Today, a very pregnant Sjoukje won WORLD Champion Friesian Walk/Trot Pleasure Amateur, ridden by Meredith Dancer- her second time in the show ring!
Click here to see the results from Sjoukje's class where she earned WORLD CHAMPION with her amateur rider.  Sjoukje's movement was so incredible despite being very pregnant, that she beat out a beautiful stallion.

Tne day before, Sjoukje and Meredith also won Reserve National Champion Friesian Walk/Trot Pleasure Amateur, it was Meredith's first show ever!  The crowd came alive for Sjoukje every time she showed- Sjoukje truly loves the excitement - she was born to be in the spotlight.

Oct 25-  Today's Euro exchange rate is only 1.2987!!! This means GREAT deals on imported horses, that will come direct from our trusted business partner in Holland.   One of the best deals ever is Janstje a 5 year old full papered star mare (EXCELLENT pedigree).  Wtih this rate her price is only $21,481 imported to Ohio including CEM quarantine.    We also have several geldings whose prices are all dropped below $19,000.

Oct 23- Congratulations to Klaas and Mares Vanderploeg - their 2 stallions Shamus P. and Sylvester P. tested good on semen today, and were already pronounced good on xrays, so they will be going to the 70 day test.  Pilgrim ISF is also for sure invited, although I am not sure if he was tested on xrays or semen yet.  I heard today from Jason Tice that Ids Hellinga of the KFPS said that the judges struggled on their decision on whether or not to invite Oene R.V. to the 70 day test, but in the end they decided he is not quite ready this year.  They encouraged him to try again next year.   I heard also that Othello and Hotse were not invited.

Oct 12- Tonis 393 passed away during the night in the Netherlands. He was found in the stall Sunday morning Oct 12th, 2008.  Tonis 393 (Tamme 276 x Oege 267 Pref) was only 10 years old.  He was approved on offspring in 2007 and had a 48% star mare percentage.  He is a huge loss to our breed.   Our sincere condolences to Mares & Klaas Vanderploeg.  Tonis was the very first foal born at their farm in the USA.

Tonis 393

Oct 10- I have compiled as many keuring results as I could find. Click here to go to my unofficial FHANA keuring results page.  I was  trying to get a feel for how many stallions were to be considered for to the 70 day test, like our Oene R.V.  so I emailed every keuring organizer.  The list included was 5 stallions from this year and 1 from last year.

Oct 8-Click hereto see Oene's video from the keuring.  Oene was one of 5 stallions in the USA where the judges wanted to consider him for the 70 day testing.  They said they would get back to us in 2 weeks.   Oene will be offered for sale, so if you know of anyone looking for a magnificent  stallion, one of the best Friesian stallions in the USA and Holland, please have them contact me. I still have not heard anything "official" from FHANA or the FPS regarding Oene.  I did check with FHANA today and they will contact me when they hear something.

Sept 29- Congratulations to Dr. Rosanne Palermo as her Legacy Friesians imported mare,  Sanneke van het Oosterland, was declared MODEL at her keuring!  Sanneke has the same mother as the approved stallion Tjesse 400.
Oene R.V. is now in California, in training for the 70 day test. We are still awaiting the final decision from the judges-( less than 2 weeks to go) but we think he's going to be accepted so that's what we are planning for.

Sept 26- Our gelding Hindrik Lauwers, was awarded Star in Leesburg, Virginia today.  Hindrik is in dressage training with Ron Steur.  What's next for Hindrik?  Ron plans to take Hindrik to the Florida Show Circuit this winter!

Sept 25- Today our horse, Oene R.V., WAS chosen to come back for the central proving class at the end of the keuring.  After waiting all day, we brought him back in at the very end of the keuring.  After I walked him around the whole arena-, the runners took turns running him.  After some deliberation, the judges said he is good enough to go to the central proving- the walk was good enough, trot was very powerful,  but they want to talk to the FPS in holland first, and they will give their definite answer in 2 weeks.  Oene did GREAT- thanks to all the people that came up to me today afterwards to congratulate me- he made us very proud.  It's going to be a VERY long 2 weeks for us!  The central proving, or 70 day test will start in December at DG Bar ranch.

Click here to see a video clip of Oene being run into the arena for an encore round

On Sept 20 and 21, Hindrik Lauwers will be shown 2nd level by Ron Steur in a USDF rated show in Leesburg, VA.  On Sept 23rd Hindrik Lauwers and Ron Steur will be doing a feature dressage demonstration at the South Carolina keuring- they will be doing a musical freestyle!  On Sept 26, Ron will run both Hindrik Lauwers and Naen for STAR at the Leesburg VA keuring.  What a busy week for Ron and Hindrik!  Rixt gets released from CEM today- congratulations April and family!!! She will be presented for Crown at the south carolina keuring.

Sept 22- Product warning.  There is a product out that is supposed to make hair grow and clear up scratches.  I tried it on my own Friesians on a small patch of hair in early summer and they all had allergic reactions to it so I stopped using it.   Now I just got a call from a woman in Vancouver, BC who said that she put it on her Friesian's mane and he rubbed his whole mane out by the next day.  He was in great discomfort.  So beware of this product.  If you want to try it, make sure you test for Allergic reaction on a small patch first.  It is called MTG.

August 29 -  Check out our updated page, "About Friesians" - it contains a wealth of information about the breed, and how to pick the best Friesian to match your goals. 

August 9 and 10 - Our stallion, Oene R.V. wins Reserve Champion Stallion at the ODS Breed Show I and II today and yesterday,  at Devonwood Equestrian Centre.  In doing so, he qualified for Regionals, which is near Tacoma, Sept 5-6.  Oene R.V. beat out hundreds of stallions and made it to the 70 day test in Holland when he was only 3!  Now we will try him for approval in the USA.

Oene and his Qualifier ribbon

July 28 - Our 6 year old gelding,  Hindrik Lauwers, just competed at Dressage at Devonwood, ridden by Ron Steur, of Virginia.  Ron flew in 2 days before the show and had never ridden Hindrik before, and they still were breathtaking to watch (see video)!   Ron wants to take Hindrik to Devon and the Florida show circuit this winter, so we decided to send Hindrik to Ron for training.  Hindrik will be showing 3rd level this fall.  His price is available on request and he'll be in Virginia by August 1.  If you would like to see  him there, you can email me for details.  Ron is a Friesian and Warmblood specialist- he grew up in Holland, showing up to Grand Prix level, and has been living in Virginia for 2 years now.  He is so excited about Hindrik's potential and so are we! 


July 24 - We are proud to announce that Rixt (Onne 376 x Feitse 293 Pref), became overall champion at the largest keuring in the Netherlands.   Rixt, (motherline Star-Stb-Model+PrefStar+Pref), was shown at the largest keuring at Garijp against 85 other 3-year old mares.  She was the best of all of them and became Champion of the 3 year old mares and of course earned a 1st premie.
Then on the final day of the keuring,  she had to compete against all the first premie mares from every group. (yearlings, 2 year olds, model mares, etc.) The judges decided she was also the best of all of them and became overall champion mare of the entire 3 day keuring, beating 400 mares!  She is pregnant to Tjalf 443, a stallion approved this year who has been a winning driving horse in Holland. Rixt  is now sold! Congratulations Steve, April, Kellett, and Addison of South Carolina, AND to saddleseat trainer Cheryl Baird who will now have 3 Legacy Friesians in her barn!

Rixt wins champion mare in Garijp, beating out 400 others
Photo: Bart van der Hoek

July 13 - Today our Friesians, Hindrik Lauwers and Lars , who were choesn to represent the Friesian breed at the Country Classic, did an amazing job, among all the crowds, jumps, and excitement!  Click here to see a video of the presentation.

Hindrik (left) and Lars (right)
Clickon the photo above to see more

June 14 - Our mare Arabella, placed 1st in training level test 3 today (66.8 percent!), and 2nd in training level test 4 (63.3 percent)  in a schooling show at Summerfield Farm in Hillsboro (Roos ter Heijne riding).  We are so proud of Arabella- that she could go to a totally unfamiliar place and enjoy herself today!

Arabella and Roos, at the Summerfield Farm Dressage Schooling show

May 23 - We would like to share some great news!  Blue Diamond Stables, where we have sent ALL our mares for quarantine,  has now opened a CEM quarantine for Stallions as well!  The cost for Stallion quarantine will be $4850.00 and includes:  all ODA, USDA, Veterinary fees, 2  test mares, 2 mares cem testing and blood work, any tranquilization needed, daily exercise (lunging or free lunging, grass or dry lot turnout attached to their stalls) depending what owners request.  The facility has an attached 72' indoor lunging arena and full size outdoor arena.  Vaccinations and worming are additional if requested.  We fully trust Blue Diamond Stables- we have used them for every single imported mare and we wish we could have used them for our stallion, Oene R.V., but they were not taking stallions then.

May 18 - We are proud to announce that our sale horse, Hindrik Lauwers, was chosen to represent the Friesian breed in the All Breed Demo at the
Country Classic on Sunday July 13.  This will take place at about noon on July 13- after the Parade of Champions and before the $30,000 Grand Prix event.

May 16 - We would like to congratulate Mary Piovesan on the birth of her new Jasper filly from our past sale horse Tetje!!! Mary wrote today to say: She foaled last night around 9:45, it was a filly and he's soooo adorable.  I love the little jeri-curls and she's very black with no white marks.  She's very friendly and walks right up to you when you enter the stall.  We are still working on her name and we will let you know what we decide, and will send more pics soon!  Tetje did great, it went really fast.  Both mom and baby are doing good.

May 10 -  Fryso , our past Legacy Friesians imported sale horse,  ridden by his trainer, Shaun McLaughlin Myers of SKM Dressage showed   2nd level for the first time ever and they took 2nd place in the class!!!   I am so excited to continue to follow the dressage career of Fryso!!! Way to go Shaun and Fryso!!!  More photos from today's Heart of the Valley show at Devonwood Equestrian Centre are on his page.


May 7- Sjoukje flies from AMS to JFK and will go to Blue Diamond Stables for her CEM quarantine.  Flying on the same plane as Sjoukje, our trainer from last summer/fall, Roos, is coming back to our farm!

May 2-  Today Maaike, a Legacy Friesians imported 1st premie star mare had a healthy Onne 376 x Rypke 321 filly!  We have named her Amerens LF and will be keeping her for our future breeding program.   Ameren's dam Maaike is almost a Preferent mare.  We will be bringing Amerens to the Oregon keuring, September 25th.

M Amerens LF (Onne 376 x Rypke 321), 1 day old
shown here stretching her long legs!

April 26-  Sylvia Lindstrom was here, all the way from Sweden! 
We had an Open House on April 26

At our Open House, Sylvia will demonstrated ground driving with Ynske
and she rode both Hindrik Lauwers and Arabella
Sylvia explained how the Friesian horse is different in anatomy &
for training in dressage compared to warmbloods.  And there was a  live 
demonstration of her starting a 2 year old filly with ground driving (who 
has never been driven before).  Thanks to all that came, it was a fun day !

April 14-  Hilbrant and Hindrik Lauwers have arrived!  June called me after receiving Hilbrant and she was overjoyed to finally meet him.  She said he was so much more regal than the photos and she was so happy with him.    She will be sending photos soon.  And we have received Hindrik Lauwers at our farm!!!  He is amazing looking and so sweet.  Click on his photo below to see some photos after his arrival.

March 21-  We are pleased to announce that we are about to break ground for our new indoor arena and attached barn.  It will be a full court dressage arena so our customers can try our our sale horses in comfort during the winter months.  There will be a view of the coastal mountain range from the arena, which will be open on 2 sides.

March 18- Our previous sale horse Iris just had a healthy Onne 376 filly! Congratulations to her new owner Lynn, of Candor NY!! "Marissa (tht's Iris' new name) had a baby filly tonight while our vet was in the barn looking at another mare. She's gorgeous and incredibly precocious, the fastest up, fastest learner, most persistent thing I've ever seen."  Here is a photo of her at 15 minutes old!

March 16- Check out this month's Horses Inc. magazine!  On page 12 you will see a great photo of Sylvia Lindstrom riding our previous sale horse Pedro, during last year's Northwest Fair and Expo.  You can order this magazine at  Pedro is now owned by Kathy Dodson, of California.

March 1- Well the weather around here has been great so we are going to be importing Hindrik Lauwers in April!!!  Sylvia Lindstrom will be coming to our place with Hindrik in April, so if you are looking for a serious dressage horse, please consider making an appointment to come to our farm, to  try out Hindrik while she is here!

February 23rd- The 2007 offspring statistics are out and I have analyzed the data to show the results of  how each sire's offspring did at the 2007 keurings.  Click here to see a graphical representation of the 2007 keuring results showing the stallions with the most keured offspring to least, and breaking down the # of 1st premie, 2nd premie, 3rd premie, and no premie offspring they had.

January 30th- I have changed my main email address to
I will still be able to receive emails from my old address, but I am hoping the new email will be more reliable, as I was missing some emails before.  If you email me, and don't get a response within 2 days, assume something is wrong as I always return emails as long as I receive them!  Please update your address books with my new address! 

January 23rd- I have now created a special webpage (complete with breeding values) for World Champion, Haitse 425, and also have video from him that I filmed after he won the championship.  See our stallion page for more info.

January 16th- I am back in the USA- I decided while in Holland to purchase Oene R.V. with my friend Kathleen- so now we are 50/50 partners on this gorgeous stallion candidate!  We intend to import him and enter him in the Oregon keuring, to hopefully get him entry to the 70 day test.  He was recently in the 70 day test in Holland among this year's newly approved stallions and did well on points there, and made it to one of the last 8 left (5 were approved).  His owners decided he was a bit young and pulled him out- so he was never eliminated- and we think (and hope) the time will be right for him in Sept 2008!

January 13th- At the stallion show yesterday, Haitse 425 won the World Championship and Beart 411 was Reserve Champion.  It was tough for the judges to pick the top 2 as there were so many that showed well this year.  Interestingly enough, Haitse and Beart also were top performers  according to the number of 1st premie foals that they sired in 2007.  They each sired 33 first premie foals in 2007!
Also- the newly approved stallions (approved in 2007) all got a 1st premie (what a quality group!) and finished in the following order:  Maurus 441, Mewes 438, Lutger 436, Meinse 439, Maeije 440, Maurits 437, and Jesse 435.  Maurus 441 and Mewes 438 were invited to the Championship but were eliminated... they will surely be top contenders in future years.  One of the best reasons for going to the stallion show is to get a look at the newly approved stallions.  I took video of all of the participating approved stallions this year and plan to post them on my Stallions page so everyone can soon see them.

January 9th- I am writing this from Holland! The weather is great, not too cold and not raining like in Oregon.   Yesterday I rode Oene the incredible stallion they have who went to the 70 day test.  He was very easy to ride. This was the first stallion I ever rode!  I also rode Oebele and played Friesian Football with him.  Click here to watch a video that I filmed yesterday, of Oebele scoring a goal.  He LOVES the football- even when turned out loose in the arena, he will go play football by himself!   I now have a new video of Oene- what an INCREDIBLE mover.    Email me if you are interested in Oene or Oeblele- I expect them to sell by the Open day this Sunday.  We will be importing a 9 year old mare soon, named Wieneke.  She looks more like a gelding/stallion with her long forelock and mane and what a sweet girl and great riding horse she is.

LF owner, Sue Zoltner, rides Oebele, headed for the goal!

January 3rd- Happy New Year!  I am getting ready to go to Friesland for the Stallion Show!  I will be gone from January 7-15.  I can check email and update the website from there, so the best way to contact me is by email. If you'd like more photos/videos of the horses in Holland, I will be able to provide that and ride them as well.  There are also many more that are not on my site yet.  I do expect many of the horses in Holland to sell at the Open house we are having on Sunday January 13.   If you'd like to go to our Dutch business partner's open day, the day after the stallion show (Sunday, January 13), please email me and I will give you the directions and contact info.

December 21 - I just got this update from Pedro's owner, Kathy of California.  Pedro made his debut in jumping recently!  We love to hear updates from our customers!!!


December 20 - By day I work at Xerox as an image scientist, on color printers- Xerox has made a website from which you can send a free color postcard to a soldier serving in Iraq!  Click here, or go to 

November 26 - We are now accepting orders for our 2008 Calendars!  This year's is better than ever with 12 months of Fantastic Friesian Action!  Click on the calendar for more details!

October 28th - Congratulations to Kathleen of Beavercreek for riding her Legacy Friesian, Dolce in her first show EVER, winning first place in her Intro A and B classes (a Blue Ribbon Show at Devonwood Equestrian Centre).


October 21st -We had a Fryso saddle for sale, but it has now sold:


October 7th- Congratulations to Kim Davidson and her Legacy Friesian Import- Inne!  It was Kim's first horse show, EVER, and she and Inne won Reserve Champion in the IFSHA World Championship Horse show in the Country Pleasure class!  Inne also took Reserve Champion in the In-Hand class... he was a past Stallion candidate in Holland, so he knew exactly what to do to show off for the judges!

October 6th - We are listing some really special deals right on on our 'Other horses for Sale' Page.  Xandra is a 2008 Anton filly for $8500 (in Michigan).  Maverick is a 3 year old stallion- ready to start, for $15,000 (in Washington state). Lisabeth is a 4 year old mare in Maryland, started under saddle, for $13,000. Check the huge selection we have, by clicking on the following link: Other horses for Sale.

September 27th - Oregon keuring news.  Legacy Friesians import, Lars was pronounced Grand Champion Gelding (congratulations Kathleen!)  and our own Ziebrand LF got Reserve Champion colt!

Ziebrand LF

September - 2007 Monroe, Washington keuring news
Congratulations to Monique Stevens and Elsa Salzbrun! Their Legacy Friesians mare, Welmoed, who won the Grand Champion mare last year in Oregon, turned out to also be the mother of the Grand Champion Colt of the Washington Keuring (which was today!)  Welmoed was a stunning star mare who we imported last year, and later sold to Elsa and Monique.  We chose to breed Welmoed to Jasper 366 before importing her.  Grand Champ, 1st premie Yatzee was the result of that breeding!! The judges said it was the nicest colt they had seen in a long time and they suggested that Yatzee be kept a stallion as he is just so nice, he would make a great stallion candidate. Yatzee  is most likely still for sale but his price will go up...his owners are going to think about what they will ask.  Congratulations again, Monique and Elsa!!!!

Yatzee - Jasper 366 x Heinse 354
and his dam Welmoed

Sept 24th- Around October 1, we will be getting in our new Legacy Friesians Bumper stickers in!  I will be mailing them out to all of our customers. If you are a customer of ours (or you have listed your horse on our 'Other Horses for Sale page' ), please email me and let me know your current address.


September 23rd  We took Arabella, Haijs, and Dolce on a trail ride today

Arabella and Sue

September 10th- We took 2 sale horses, Haijs and Ynske to the beach today...  We are just having too much fun riding these beautiful boys on the beach!  Click on Ynske's name to see the incredible photos we were able to capture of him in action.


September 1st- We took 2 sale horses, Haijsand Tetjeto the beach today...  We went to Pacific City and although it was crowded, both horses did great. 


August 25th-Ynskeand Lars just arrived at our farm after being imported!!  Click on the photo of Ynske below to watch the video of them enjoying a fine Oregon evening.   If you like to see Friesians playing, this is a "must-see".


August 23rd-  Click the photo below to see photos from the Walnut Hill Driving Comp and our trip to NY


August 17th- Did you know that Legacy Friesians owner, Sue Zoltner, was published in the recent August 2007 issue of FHANA's The Friesian magazine? Click on the photo below to read the article and see our advertisement.


August 15th- I will be away for several days at the Walnut Hill driving competition in Pittsford, NY.  Pittsford NY is my home town, and the Walnut Hill show is the world's largest gathering of carriages and coach horses in the Classical Driving Sports!  Ex-Oregonian Clay Maier and Lea McFarland-Bushnell will be the featured exhibition, so it will be great to see them again, and their Friesian Spectacular act.  I am also meeting Christer, from Sweden, and we will finalize the arrangements for our new REDLINEtack/carriage line made especially for Friesians that you will be able to order through this website.  Stay tuned for more details.  When I arrive back in Oregon, our new trainer will also arrive, Rose.  She has trained horses in Holland and Spain and will be staying with us in Newberg for the next few months!  She will be helping us get our horses in shape for the keuring at Devonwood on Sept 27 and also riding our sale horses every day.

July 31-Today we would like to express our sincere condolences to the Ackerberg family of Montrose Minnesota, whose barn burned down yesterday, most likely due to a recent hay delivery that ended up spontaneously combusting.  Luckily, there were no human lives lost,  and our past sale horse, Majoor, is okay, but they lost 7 other horses in the fire (103 horses were saved).  Ton and I recently visited their beautiful barn, and we met many of their wonderful Saddlebred horses,  and the Ackerberg family's loss is just unthinkable to me.  There was a huge outpouring of support to help:

There were over 300 plus friends, helpers, neighbors, rescue workers, etc. here in a matter of minutes but, everything was gone. The barn was completely engulfed in flames in a matter of 10 minutes. Our barn crew are "hero's", they risked their lives going in to save as many horses as they possibly could.  Both of my daughters horses were lost in the flames... one mare and her foal... one pleasure horse... a two year old and a three year old gelding By "Trust Fund".

If you would like to send a card, their address is
Indigo Acres
3750 Meridian Ave South
Montrose, MN 55363

July 25-Mark and his new family at the beach!  We took Mark and Wybrand to the beach today.  Mark's new owners, the Bentz family of Oregon, went with us.  Mark will go to his new home tomorrow!  We will miss you, Mark!!!


July 20-Ton riding Arabella at Devonwood Equestrian Centre.  We took 4 horses to Devonwood July 20th and Ton will be riding them there again today July 21.  We will bring them home for our OPEN HOUSE tomorrow from 11-2pm at our farm.   Directions are on our CONTACT page. 


Wybrand is now HERE!  He is gorgeous!!! We will be having another open house in honor of his arrival on Sunday July 22nd!  Directions are on our CONTACT page.  The hours will again be from 11 am to 2 pm.

Click here to see photos from our July 8th open House

July 15-Ton riding Majoor in Minnesota... Majoor was one of our past sale horses, now owned by Ro & Me LLC, Romy and Stuart Ackerberg.  Thanks to Romy and Stuart for hosting us and sharing their beautiful stallion with us for a few days!

June 29- Our business partner in Holland has sent us an accomplished Dutch trainer to work with our sale horses!!  His name is Ton, and is now here, and will stay until August!   Ton has about 15 years training and showing Friesians and Warmbloods in the Netherlands. If you are in the Portland area, and you would like to bring your Friesian in for a lesson or training ride with Ton, we can now accomodate you. 

Ton, riding our past sale horse- star gelding, Mark

June 26- Congratulations to Romy and Stu for finally getting their Legacy Friesians stallion, Majoor home, after finishing up his CEM quarantine!  They will bring Majoor to their keuring in persuit of getting him admitted to the 70 day test.  Majoor says he is ready!  Click on his photo to go to his webpage

Majoor- Bring it on!

May 21-Legacy Friesians is proud to announce that we have a new Affiliate through which we will be offering top quality Harnesses and Carriages imported from Poland, the finest in the world!
May 13- Legacy Friesians would like to congratulate Laurie McLaughlin and Fryso, one of our past sale horses, on a great showing at the "Heart of the Valley" show at Devonwood.  Laurie and Fryso got 2nd place in Training Level Test 4!  Later Shaun McLaughlin, Laurie's daughter and trainer, got a 1st place in 1st level test 4!!!!  Go Fryso!!!


May 10- Legacy Friesians would like to thank Bryan Quinsey for the tremendous difference he has made for the FHANA organization during the short time he was the Executive Director.  We encourage you to tell the board of directors how you feel about the loss of Bryan Quinsey.

April 25- Planning to take your Friesian to a keuring this year?  Click here to see the list of keuring locations and tentative dates.  Our local keuring is planned for September 27, at Devonwood Equestrian Centre!!!  It will be organized by the Cascade Friesian club.  Not sure what a keuring is all about?  Click here to read about keurings, and also about Friesians in general.  Also new, I am very proud to announce, I finally have put together a page that describes the difference between the Dutch levels in dressage (L,M, Z, ZZ) and the USDF levels.  Click here to see that page.

March 24- Sylvia Lindstroem on Pedro and Sue Zoltner on Arabella:

Sylvia Lindstroem recently visited us from Sweden,  and rode Pedro at the Northwest Horse Expo March 23 - 25  in Albany, Oregon.  He did GREAT!!!  Pedro is now sold and we will miss him SO much, but he is going to a great home in California with his loving owners, Kathy and Greg.

Sylvia Lindstroem

February 25- Check out our new Stallion page!  We have added breeding values for every single approved stallion in the USA, in English!  Also available on that page are some of the top stallions in the Netherlands. 

February 8- I have updated my stallion show page to include 7 different video clips and it also has a link that teaches you how to use breeding values to pick out the best stallion for your mare!  Click here to go to that page! Congrats to Kim and her trainer Cheryl for purchasing Inne, a stallion who made it until the end of the 70 day test in 2005!  Congrats to Josee of Montreal, Canada on her purchase of star gelding, Okke!  Also congrats to Alicia for her recent purchase of Jochum Lauwers!   Congrats to Barb on her purchase of Gijs, and Congrats to Deb and Dave Hart on their purchase of Jacob van de Dollen!

 2007 Hengsten keuring (Stallion Show)

Click on the photo of Onne 376 and Harmen 424 to go to my 2007 Hengstenkeuring report

January 13- Well, the 2007 Hengsten keuring in Leeuwarden is now over... what a great show!  I have video coverage of almost EVERYTHING and will be posting clips on my site. I will be making a DVD of the whole show and the Thursday clinic, which is free to Legacy Friesians customers.   Onne 376 won the world championship class!!! Congrats to Darlene Brescia and Dr. Rosanne Palermo who bought mares in foal to Onne 376 this past year from us!  Click here to see Onne's victory lap after he won!  Harmen 424 was reserve champion.  Click here to read more about the 2007 stallion show.

January 7- Have you ever wished that someone would raffle off a purebred Friesian foal?   Well someone is... Friesian Harts of Texas!   If you buy their Friesian Calendars or other Friesian merchandise, you will get raffle tickets!  If you cross your mare to one of their Friesian stallions, you get 25 tickets.  Click here to find out more!  Good luck to those who enter!!!!

December 28- Remember, if you are looking for a special Friesian, now is the time to tell me what you are looking for, before I go over there from January 10-20. Click here to email me your requirements! I strive to find as close a match to what you are looking for as possible!!!  Please include your address so I know where your horse should fly to, and your price range.

Check out our ad on Horsetopia

Happy Holidays from Legacy Friesians, click hereto view our Legacy Friesians Christmas card.
December 20- It's a great day for FHANA Friesian lovers in the Northwest as I just found out that Jack and Regine Brockway of JRB Friesians bought and imported  the Approved stallion, Tjesse 400!  One of our previous sale horses, 1st premie star mare, Sanneke van het Oosterland is a full sister to Tjesse 400.  Who would have guessed that her famous brother would be moving to Enumclaw, Washington.  Congratulaions to Regine and Jack!!!  Also, see our stallion page for the complete list of stallions who were recently tested on offspring.  As for stallions in the USA, Teade was approved- Rintse was disapproved on offspring.

December 2- Today  was my first show on my wonderful mare,  Arabella!  It was a schooling show at Devonwood Equestrian Centre.  Thanks to all the volunteers and Devonwood staff for putting on this wonderful event!!!  It was a great first experience for Arabella and I.  Click on the photo below for more photos and videos of Arabella and LF owner, Sue Zoltner.

November 21- Just in time for Christmas, give a Legacy Friesians calendar to your loved ones!  Only $17 for a whole year of Friesians!!!!  Click on the link or the calendar's cover below to see all the photos inlcuded in the calendar.  There are also Friesian mouse pads available to order.  The calendars are now sold out.

November 16- Check out this great article about "learning to drive" in the Cascade Friesian Club Newsletter, written by our customer Eivind Sorenson!

November 15 - One of our customers, Dr. Rosanne Palermo, of Erie PA has been nominated for a board position on FHANA!  So please consider voting for Rosanne, a person dedicated to the quality of the Friesian breed!!!!  Rosanne has bought 3 top quality Legacy Friesians:  Sanneke, a 1st Premie Star mare who recently won top honors- Grand Champion Mare, at her keuring on the East Coast, and also two 2006 foals- Valentijn PJ, a full papered Onne colt, and Teatske, a full papered Tsjerk filly.

November 11 -click hereto see the rescue video of 100 horses that were stuck on a tiny island in the North Sea in the northern Netherlands.  Unfortunately 18 horses drowned before the rescue.  This video from Nov 3, is a must-see!!!

The incredible rescue of 100 horses (including many Friesians) from the Netherlands.
Why did these horses get stranded?  The owner had a deadline to move his horses by October 15, 2006, for their safety as that land can easily become flooded.  The owner didn't move them- he has been investigated several times by the animal protection agency in the Netherlands.

Sept 23 - Legacy Frieisans' horses won the Overall Champion horse, Overall Reserve Champion horse, Grand Champion gelding, and Grand champion mare at the 2006 keuring in Eugene OR!!!!

October 1 - There is now a wonderful book about Friesians available, a Historical Fiction called Torden, Hear the Thunder!!!   Click hereto to go to Torden's page and order this book!  If you have children that love horses, this book is a must-have!  And it's also a very interesting read for adults as well.


 Friesian Events / Friesian Fun pages

2007 Stallion Show
Menno's 2nd birthday party

The 2005 Hengsten Keuring
Leeuwarden, the Netherlands
January, 2005
Clay Maier clinic on Long Reining
Thomas Equestrian Centre, Beavercreek, OR
March 17-19, 2006 


The 2006 Hengsten Keuring
Leeuwarden, the Netherlands
January 20-21, 2006
Mary Cornelius Photo Shoot
Newberg, OR
February 27, 2006


The 2005 Central Mare Keuring
Drachten, the Netherlands
Sept 19, 2005 
Mary Cornelius Photo Shoot
Lebanon, OR
November 12, 2005




We at Legacy Friesians are committed to quality and customer satisfaction.   We choose only the very best Friesians to import, out of thousands!  This was evidenced at the 2006 Oregon keuring where our horses won Grand Champion Gelding, Grand Champion Mare, and the best Overall Horse of the entire keuring.

We also list horses that are still in Holland, for discounted prices, for those willing to buy sight unseen.  These horses that we list come from our very trusted source, whom we talk with almost every day. 
Click this link to read all about how the import process works for people willing to buy direct from Holland.   Check out our customer references and you will see we are true to our word. 

About Friesians:  If you are used to "hot" tempered horses, you are in for a treat!  You will be amazed and feel very relaxed with your first Friesian horse, your new best friend, who you will not be able to take your eyes off of!  Most Friesians prefer the company of humans to horses and they will follow you around like a black lab dog.  Almost all Friesians are very calm and level-headed compared to other breeds, especially the ones we hand-pick.  In Holland, our Friesians are ridden and driven alongside traffic and taken to festivals and parades, so most of them have a lot of experience outdoors.  Click here for a write-up about the Friesian breed and on the history of the Friesian horse:  Friesian History


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